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  1. Need my sharkedtreasure emote changed to alexpeek
  2. I never say anything here, except now :P

  3. Banned for making an absurdly long ban reason
  4. Gee, it sure is boring around here....

    1. Jenny🖤~


      Excuuuuseeee mee princess

    2. MangoStarco


      So is life. You get used to it. Go on a site called FunnyJunk when you're bored as shit, keeps me entertained for a full minute.

  5. Banned for being the 11th doctor.
  6. Banned for saying someone's banned for saying banned multiple times
  7. None really, not an unusual person Has two unusuals
  8. Guess what...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Luki


      Yep, that's mine, thanks


    3. lesse


      Can i have a number 6? With coke

    4. Anders .

      Anders .

      Does it involve anything with collars?


      If not, is there a party?

  9. Banned for not being a doorknob engie.
  10. Feeling festive, i wanna put christmas lights up around my room.
  11. Fun Fact! Over 460 of those trades have been for Raffles!
  12. Woh, nice cheese on the second monitor
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