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  1. Nothing is going to happen in real life related to this issue. It just won't. A baseless accusations, which everyone knows was baseless, isn't going to go outside of discord and forums. I think that the problem with this ordeal is the way it was handled. Jesse shouldn't have tried to sweep it under the rug, he should have made a public statement when it happened.
  2. I think that even if these are baseless accusations, he should make a response. It's important to make people see that you take things seriously. Not responding or ignoring it is just adding fuel to the fire.
  3. Jesse handled this whole ordeal terribly. He didn't respond when he needed to. He waited way too long, and ignored it. I would feel a lot better about this is he had addressed these controversies earlier on. That's all really.
  4. its fucking expensive to hire a lawyer. its a pain in the ass to report harassment to the police. The internet is a bad place, and it kinda feels like Jesse doesn't really understand that.
  5. Bruh, everyone on fucking Earth hears someone say something mean and says "you're gonna get sued." or "you should talk to a lawyer man." you are dumb. nobody is willing or wants to "investigate this irl" because someone is mad butt-hurt over a thirteen year old dead game.
  6. You're terrible at handling drama. Honestly, after reading this post, I don't think you're a pedo, but I do think you're an asshole. Seriously dude, do you have no idea how to respond to criticism? boy
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