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  1. Kinda defeats the point of each individual raffle. The raffler usually wants to convey something, but you're ignoring the effort the rafflers put in by just joining them all. If you want to join every raffle so you can win something, suck it up and painfully join each one. At the very least you should be happy that there is a generous community who's willing to raffle items away for free. Sorry if I came off a bit harsh, but what you're asking just wont be done.
  2. Just wont be done. It's pretty much leeching, being able to join every raffle with the click of a button.
  3. A single refined metal is not much in the trading universe. If you can manage to scrap a little more, you can get yourself a nice craft hat for 1.77 ref.
  4. Bot inventories are full. We've just gotta wait until there's enough space for buying.
  5. You'll just have to wait out the 15 days unfortunately, no way around it
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