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  1. Cool, page seems to load within a second now
  2. It appears to be loading all of the users that have won items in the raffles that are being rendered. The stack trace I posted above shows a few of the ids that are passed, and several of them map to users who happened to win the raffle that fails to render before the timeout. In the case of my raffles, 3000 winners sounds about right due to the large metal ones I did in the past. While changing array_unique to in_array has fixed the timeout issue, I do have to wonder about the necessity of loading the raffle winners at all. They don't seem to be used on this page, and surely query
  3. You summed it up pretty well there I think, its not friendly. If you then combine the bans with the current community response to them, namely various confused raffles and the occasional unhelpful comment telling them to "read next time" (read what?) or that the interface is perfectly intuitive and its your fault (if hundreds of people mess up you've done something wrong), and also support telling them nothing can be done, its really not a good atmosphere for potential new users who fancy joining in next time is it? Also I only care about current weapons, rip bison
  4. I'm afraid that simply isn't true. There are plenty of ways to change the page design to be more intuitive. If I have the time I'll mock some ideas up to prove this (I'm no designer but I think I can get the basic ideas across). The one major difference however is that none of the other banking methods require some arbitrary extra step after trading has occurred (every single banking type and raffles) nor do they promise "simply deposit" when in fact extra steps are required (auctions). This single difference also happens to be the main problem.
  5. My previous reply is relevant here
  6. The fact of the matter is, dozens, possible hundreds of people have all made the same mistake. This is a clear indication that the UI has issues, regardless of how intuitive you yourself find it. It's also worth mentioning that you are support staff, you are no doubt trained in how to use the site, so that you can offer support. I can understand that this may make it hard to put yourself In the shoes of a user who has no experience here, but these events have shown that this system simply isn't well explained at all. This is all obvious based on the number of people who have made r
  7. This is not the way to address the problem. The problem here is how neither of those requirements were well communicated at all, leaving people confused over what's going on. For example, the secret santa page claims that all a user has to do is "simply deposit your items, and we'll do the rest". This implies that completing the trade offer required to deposit items is all that needs to be done, and I can understand people assuming this. Furthermore, the only indication that more steps need to be taken is the presence of a "Select gift" button on the secret santa page i
  8. The UX for selecting a gift definitely needs some work. Having to visit the page twice to trade items and then "select" them is pretty silly, especially when the site makes no effort to tell you that you didn't actually select a gift at any point before the deadline. Sure the secret santa page itself tells you, but if I mistakenly assumed that the trade offer was all I needed to do, as many have done, I wouldn't be on that page to see it. The volume of people who followed this same logic is definitely high enough to question the intuitiveness of the current system. Considering the
  9. It seems this is still an issue, but behold a stack trace. Looks like the entire time limit is being taken up with attempting to load Users. I'm not sure how this is taking 30 seconds tbh, either there's no pagination and a lot of raffles, or maybe its also trying to load winners too perhaps? Might want to lazy load those if so. EDIT: Lets make that a link instead http://i.imgur.com/Mb7pZcQ.png
  10. A fix for this is (hopefully) ongoing
  11. Worth noting that the file shown in the fatal error has now changed EDIT: Seems that it alternates between both files now
  12. This is a weird one, especially since it only seems to be affecting me. For some reason, I am currently unable to make raffles that include both TF2 and steam items, in a specific order, on the live site. This is 100% reproducible for me as long as I use the live site, and order the prizes with the TF2 items first (which is how I usually order my raffles). Placing the Steam items before the TF2 items works just fine; however placing the TF2 items first will result in a 500 error when I click Create Raffle (attached). The dev site appears to work just fine for both combina
  13. I've just encountered this problem on the "Joined raffles" page too
  14. My "Won Raffles" page is currently hitting the PHP script time limit of 30 seconds when I attempt to load it, resulting in either a fatal error, a half rendered page, or a 520 error, depending on whether I am using dev or live. This might be due to unclaimed items in my previous large raffles, which show up in the list. Interestingly, the "My raffles" page doesn't seem to have this problem, despite listing largely the same raffles, although can still easily take over 20 seconds to load. I would say that this isn't a major issue, as it only effects me, however I suspect it will also affect anyo
  15. AFAIK, raffle tickets work in the same way as "sub luck" does in twitch raffles, i.e. increasing that users luck. No idea if this is reflected in the winning chance, but I doubt it is.
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