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  1. Last time I talked to a guy that made an auction, The auction was about to end and I told him that I am willing to pay around the price he was looking for, and I added him and that went great. But after that I got a warning for something I didn't really get. My question is if I am allowed to tell someone on an auction : "Hi , if this auction end without a bid. Add me we can discuss it" or something like : "If you really want and this auction will end , you can add me and I quick buy it - quick sell."
  2. it takes ages to that site to load my inventory for a bid on an auction! I wonder why does is taking at least 100 times to refresh the site and reconnect to the site back at least 5 times to set a bid on an auction!!! No you should fix that thing, the site is barley breathing with that thing, how cant you let me bid for a whole 5 min??? for real , it takes so much time to this site to load a inventory. when actually there is 5 min to the bid and there should be a priority. because for some reason on my first try to bid on a 4 days auction it lets me bid but on a auction that is
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