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  1. just lost an auction because they i cant know what items are bidden and used at the current moment, im trying to combine thousands of combinations with my keys on an auction for 48 keys, while im having 92 keys.
  2. Last time I talked to a guy that made an auction, The auction was about to end and I told him that I am willing to pay around the price he was looking for, and I added him and that went great. But after that I got a warning for something I didn't really get. My question is if I am allowed to tell someone on an auction : "Hi , if this auction end without a bid. Add me we can discuss it" or something like : "If you really want and this auction will end , you can add me and I quick buy it - quick sell."
  3. it takes ages to that site to load my inventory for a bid on an auction! I wonder why does is taking at least 100 times to refresh the site and reconnect to the site back at least 5 times to set a bid on an auction!!! No you should fix that thing, the site is barley breathing with that thing, how cant you let me bid for a whole 5 min??? for real , it takes so much time to this site to load a inventory. when actually there is 5 min to the bid and there should be a priority. because for some reason on my first try to bid on a 4 days auction it lets me bid but on a auction that is going to end in 5 min . and it starts telling me that i should try and reconnect into my account on the site or "OPEN MY FKING INVENTORY" when i actually was bidding on another auction.!!! sad
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