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  1. I read them time to time. Just sometimes It would be nice to have the ability to enter them all at the same time, for those people who just don't have time to read all the raffles or people who have issues with their hands and whatnot
  2. Yeah and if you want you can scroll down and read em
  3. Also it would be more exciting winning a raffle when the chances are higher because a ton of people join them, it would be like a real raffle lol
  4. But why would they make it that way in the first place, it's really stupid clicking all of the raffles and it's probably painful for some people, but they shouldn't add a 'enter all raffles' button for puzzle raffles
  5. Please i beg of you the pain of clicking over and over and over and over and over and over it hurts please add a button my finger is dying it would be so useful also think of the people with the hand issues you know
  6. I want to play some MVM with my friend. Where is the cheapest place to get tickets? Scrap.tf? Backpack.tf? Community market? Or some other place i have never heard of?? Thank you for your time 🙂
  7. WAIT NEVERMIND IT PAID HIM i don't know how i can't even begin to understand how that happened but it did YESSSSS the guilt is released i am free
  8. For some reason it isn't. All i have in my site inventory is 3 refined metal.......
  9. So I forget stuff reaaaallly reaaallly easily. I made an auction for a fabricator for 1 ref and someone apparently bid on it, but i had already sold it on the community market like the stupid dumb idiot i am. It is only a matter of 22 hours before the bid expires and i have an auction ban. Today i hang up my dignity and i will live with the guilt for a long time. Goodbye auctions, we had a good run.......
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