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  1. Hello Scrap.tf



    1. 哈哈


      A deity or greater being 

  2. i used canyouseeme.org to check if its open, not it always say: Connection timed out, my router is a ubee evw3210 (Ziggo, a dutch Provider) and yes i setup the ports and ip in the router any help would be apprecitated
  3. how did you put a killstreak on your hat, i thought its only for weapons
  4. oh yes, sorry about that, everytime i trade, i get addicted. is item banking the samen as real banking, i mean banking money on stuff from a grocery store
  5. as they are the same as crates, they are valuable according to the steam market, how much are these worth
  6. i cant believe that the admins here are horribly strict on the website/community. not to be rude, but i am just impressed, i always wanted to make my own website, BUT to do that i need a Sitename which costs money, is there any way to get a website name for free
  7. you know that when you joined a raffle, that the Selected raffles are Highlighted, but as you can see on the screenshot, it says you entered 44 raffles, but nothing is highlighted
  8. Ixaal-chan

    Logo Glitch

    i think its not a glitch, its for the legalation of that whole gay bride thing in USA
  9. Its also better for me to quit scrap.tf and there is a dutch saying here, van ruilen komt huilen, dont know what it means
  10. i just came here to say sorry for my abusive behaviour. maybe its better for me to STAY AWAY from this website, as trading is really addictive these are my last words before stepping out the banking world I will try to behave my self -Alex Zabel
  11. i always see those dupe posts on certain forums, cant you admins do something about that?
  12. my favourite map used to be Walkway, Until valve screwed up TF2 with Maps Workshop, anyway what about you, whats your favourite Custom map
  13. Ixaal-chan


    Whats your favourite Anime, Mine is Inazuma Eleven, those kicks/dribbles/blocks/saves are epic. typical anime
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