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  1. All right, imagine you are havin' a great time chillin' in Server 2... and suddenly chaos begins. Everyone's killin' everyone else. A war is loose! You can either fight or attempt to hide. Isn't Server 2 called Hangout/Chill for a reason? I am askin' for a friendly plugin. That's it. Nothing too complicated.
  2. I love hanging out in Server 2! There's so many nice people and we all just have a good time. However, I don't know if it's only me but... I am kinda sick of seeing OoT3D_Hyrule. I mean, don't get me wrong it's a great map... but I would like to see more maps! Here are a few maps I would like to see in the future: Super Mario 3D Land 1-1 + 1-2 SM64 Big Boo's Haunt SM64 Hazy Maze Cave SM64 Whomp's Fortress I know... All Mario maps. I am not the most creative in the world... 😅
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