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  1. Tweets what's do you think of my new ideas 1.steam needs to make keys cheaper or craftable 2.Add keys as a super rare random drop 3.Have some special events that put keys into the system This would create more keys in the system making each key worth less that would drive the price of keys down fixing one of the larger problems in the tf2 economy
  2. Thanks for takeing the time to reply and it seems you are one of the smarter players of tf2 I will look in to your points to find better solutions for the utterly failing economy of tf2 thanks.
  3. The key price is out of control but there are some things that can be done 1.Sell buds above market price this will help stabilize the tf2 economy and you get more profit 2.vote on lower key prices a lot this will force the price of keys down eventually 3.Try to balance your inventory so get items idle if needed or craft them if your rich then send them into the system 4.sell keys bellow market price I know this sucks but it must be done Do those 4bsimple things and together we can save the economy
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