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  1. My poem, for prosperity and memory purposes, should you want to remember it:


    "Sonnet for the End Times"


    With boarded windows and failing light
    A man seeks shelter in the old shack
    The herd is coming, but he’s not wanting to fight
    Nowhere to run, no turning back
    A hunting knife, a 45., all he has to stay alive
    He wonders, briefly, if this is a dream,
    No, he says, no it’s not, but anyway, the herd did arrive,
    It’s pitch black outside, and then, a single scream
    He sighs, and cocks his gun
    And opens the window, fires into the crowd
    But they keep coming, the nights not done
    With the darkness covering everything an a inky shroud,
    When the night is over, he rests his weary head,
    His life isn’t over, because he isn’t really dead

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