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  1. Just wait for it, I usually see this hat in the trading page all the time
  2. It is a coincidence that it happened after you traded from scrap, scrap.tf cannot help you with this problem, the site even states that it will not send you random trade offers, you were most likely api scammed.
  3. You know profit making, trading and all, traders will be traders, that's one reason why they're gone (hella annoying sometimes though)
  4. (disclaimer this post may be outdated since I haven't played today yet and many things can happen in 24hrs of tf2) yes the bots we have now are all youtube link spamming aimbots and discord baby rage bots (which existed before the update), so far those are the only ones people have last seen around these servers, enigma balls, doeshotter, royalnet, youtubeham, waffen-ss and some more have yet to reapper which hopefully they do not, interestingly waffen and the link spammers seem to act similar play the didgeridoo taunt noise of the sniper, pop out random pyroland gib baloons, spin around when playing (not all aimbots do this just to clarify), uses the hitmans heatmaker (or maybe the machina I'll check later) and uses the cozy camper, the only differences between them is one comes in larger numbers , doesn't seem to be as good as an aimbot as waffen and appears more frequently and can chat while the other can't, while waffen mostly appears once or twice in a match before the update, there was usually just one them per match and has an aimbot better than doeshotter and maybe as good as enigma's, a few months before the update people claim him to be unkickable like the police bots (the real ones that do nothing the fakes ones have numbers exceeding 350 and have aimbot) while it might be true in servers elsewhere waffen-ss is easily booted here, thank you for reading I would have added more but I got tired, this is my first discussion or whatever it's called so I'm an amateur.
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