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  1. Just go and donate em to somebody poor, avoid the drama, scammers and monsters, and feel good! Prolly not the advice you're looking for doe tf2outpost.com : You can publish adverts for items you'd like to sell trade.tf : You can find good deals Saloon.tf : You can bet your refs on competitive games Sweetstakes.tf : You can bet (once over a key) against others
  2. Just was able to withdraw my items. Would honestly wish people who had grinches (on both fronts) had the chance to be "swapped" to other users. Part of the secret santa isn't just about giving and receiving. If it was, it'd be hoping for profit. It's about the "magic" of receiving something you didn't know or expect. The surprise. Well, I guess we'll see next year. I never get anything for xmas anyway, so this shouldn't have been surprising
  3. Well, the game was earning Valve a <lot> of money because of the items they were selling. And most of those said items were being chugged because of a healthy, working TF2 economy. Sure, some of these items are fun, but lately, all it's been is buffs/debuffs (game "fixes") and P2P content. I... think Valve will learn something soon, as the now broken TF2 economy means a lot less items will be bought. Or at least I hope, as this could hopefully pave the way to trading being functional again. Having to wait 3 days to be able to trade is idioticcc D:
  4. So... As per usual of my terrible luck, both my gifter and recipient were grinches. I wasn't gifted anything, and my recipient didn't gift anything either /o/ Also, I can't seem to withdraw the items I donated. The "reclaim your gift (your recipient was a grinch)" button ain't working for me. Now... The question is, why did this happen? Is it because most of the TF2 community is made up of greedful, immoral people or... Was Secret Santa actually ruined by people unable to trade because of Escrow? Or was Escrow used as an excuse not to give? I mean... One out of the two is o
  5. Okay, I can't be the only one out there who wants this... But my idea basically goes like this: When the time to donate comes, I would <love> if you could give to multiple different people. For example, rather than giving a bunch of metals and hats to one guy, spreading it to several different guys. Thoughts about the idea?
  6. Now, the odd issue is that I have entered more than 1 raffle. Is this normal? Addendum: Just noticed this was happening. This might've been going on for quite some time :T
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