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  1. I'd like to see Halloween maps on at least one of the scrap.tf servers too, especially with it now being October. It might be nice if the scrap.tf community could play on the Halloween maps together. And with the new casual system in TF2 a private server might be better for playing the Halloween maps. Unless Valves sets up the Halloween maps through a different system somehow.
  2. I don't think being able to share opinions is why the raffle was closed. If it were that simple then comments wouldn't be allowed in any raffles. Like Dima said, politics can get crazy. And whodoyathink stated that his raffle basically said that people should vote for a certain candidate. A poll asking who people would vote for isn't likely to start trouble by itself. But also telling people that they should vote for someone specific, especially someone as controversial as Donald Trump, is likely to start some unpleasant conversations.
  3. Yes, that's the way it used to be.  But that's not what the rules say anymore.  I think that change was made more recently than the last noted rule update of Oct. 4 2015.

  4. It might be. But even if there is a 10 player requirement for Gargoyles to appear the message on the server should be changed or removed. There's still people playing on the scrap.tf server saying they're there to get Halloween gifts because the server said there would be gifts.
  5. I've noticed that the Helltower map is often pretty populated during certain times of the day and of course usually doesn't have anyone playing later at night. But sometimes there's periods where there's like 4 or 5 people on and then just as one person joins another leaves and the server population just kinda flounders. When the server gets down to just a few people on it the map can get kinda boring and people end up leaving who would otherwise stay if there were just a few more people. So it might be worth considering adding bots to the server when player population is low. I know of a server that does this and runs nothing but Helltower 24 hours a day every day. I don't think I've ever seen that server with 0 human players on it. The action never dies down no matter how few humans are on so people stick around when there's only a few humans. And people know they can join the server at any time of day and play, so the server constantly has people on at all hours. Technically they use an occasional vote so the players get to determine how many bots to add. But just an automatic addition of a set number of bots is better than nothing and would be fine with me. The server I'm talking about is run by www.saigns.de and the server's IP address is
  6. Valve didn't really pay much attention to this update and won't do much for the Halloween update either because they're so focused on one big update they want done by the end of the year. I'm sure it'll have plenty of satisfying content.
  7. The gifts can spawn on any server that is TF2 Quickplay registered. As long as the Scrap.tf servers are registered, which I'm assuming they will be for the event, the gifts will spawn. I noticed it seems they're experimenting with some mods on the Scrap.tf Helltower map and I'm not sure if that will disqualify that server for remaining registered. But the main map that drops gifts that people want to get is the Lakeside map. I don't think many people will want the Scrap.tf servers to run Eyeaduct and Mann Manor specifically for their gift drops. But that doesn't mean people won't want to play those maps. Gifts can only spawn once every three hours for a person so that's plenty of time to feel free to play whatever. I don't know if the Scrap.tf servers will run any other maps other than the Hightower and Lakeside Halloween maps. But if they only have the two servers I kind of doubt it. Speaking of which, didn't Scrap.tf have like 4 servers last Halloween?
  8. I've had the same problem ever since I updated my video drivers (I think a few months ago) to try and fix a problem with TF2 freezing/crashing on me. I tried removing and then reinstalling my video drivers but TF2 still kept crashing until I just completely removed my NVIDIA drivers. I think the Halloween spell problem started for me before I removed my NVIDIA drivers but I can't remember for certain. In any case, TF2 no longer crashes on me but I can't see Halloween paints shift colors or pulse. All of the other Halloween spells work properly for me, it's just the paint spells that don't work right. I can see the paint spells change colors one shade at a time every time I touch a resupply locker, switch my current weapon, or make an adjustment to an equipped weapon or cosmetic. I haven't heard anyone mention having the same problem as me so I figured I might as well just accept it for now until I can get around to trying to fix my video drivers again.
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