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  1. More than half of the forum section is abandoned

  3. I am not sure why you have to shift. I pretty much play both games but I have yet to get into the Trading scenario of Csgo though, I am halfway in
  4. Since you are asking the question, I will say yes, sell it. Buy something you want or keep trading until you get the items you want the most.
  5. Banned for having a gif avatar.
  6. Previously on the walking dead...

  7. I don't know who fixed it , but I can see all raffles now. Thank you ^-^
  8. In fact, they get pushed far behind and out of the page view. They slowly climb back to the page once the new or recent ones end or a winner is selected. This needs a fix by either making public raffle have page 1 , page 2 , page 3 etc or be like TF2R and show all the current open public raffles.
  9. Hey! Hope you all are doing well. Well, I just bumped into this bug. When public raffle reaches the 50/51 limit mark the past or old raffle vanishes and can't be found anywhere if you didn't join. As shown in this example : Geel's raffle is still open but can't be found anywhere in the public raffle list. https://scrap.tf/raffles/98MODN Same goes for .valo's raffle https://scrap.tf/raffles/2JB5CC They just vanished once the new raffle came. I only found them because I entered those raffles, otherwise I wouldn't or couldn't have. This needs to be fixed. Thank you
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