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  1. oi its nice to see people come and going over here 


  2. so wait the scrap.tf chat is gone for discord's chat, correct? :csdfrown:

    1. billy96


      Nah, you can visit either the OG scrap chat or discord scrap. Or both. There are people inside them.

    2. marc


      Holy, all this time I ignored the chat icon on the left :csdsmile:

  3. holy moly, it's been a loong time

  4. Broke my monitor. Welp, back to 4:3 

  5. vv for anyone wondering, it has to do with Rhett and Link, Crackers and TF2 unusual trading. wtf

  6. there's a video stuck in my mind and i have no idea how to "find" it *sigh*

  7. Color-spells are working again, yay! :lol:

    1. Luki


      I've found you gif on 9gag. Did you post it there?

    2. marc


      Took the original GIF (the pink one) from imgur, I did not created it 

  8. 10h of sleep last week.

    God I love school 

  9. Scrap.TF ≠ Real Life

    way too many people forget this.

    1. Rissa


      What do you mean, real life?

    2. The Lost King

      The Lost King

      what is this real life you speak of? it sounds boring

    3. PhantomProgrammer


      Scrap.tf is love

      Scrap.tf is life

  10. Now I have a spooky GIF too! Sadly it's not a prefect loop ç_ç

    1. Gabe


      Looks good to me! :D

  11. everyone with a halloween themed pic.. *sigh*

    1. SpaghettiLover88


      you still have the best gif :P

    2. 哈哈


      how dare other people have fun. seriously this shouldn't bother you.

  12. ..normal users can make auctions? Oh ok

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    2. sh4kky misses things

      sh4kky misses things

      Meh, time to become a buyer and lurk for good deals, no reason to post aucs, already too much "starting price is higher than bp.tf" spam, which makes potential buyers just skip every page to an end.

    3. < phospheno >

      < phospheno >

      80% of the starting price in all the auctions is the backpack price, or higher, with an item factor similar to 65~70%

      Sorry if someone feels offended but:
      Auctions ≠ Buying
      scrap.tf ≠ TF2Outpost or Backpack.tf

    4. marc


      Most people use auctions to make profit.. and that's just wrong

      Guess we have to wait until they understand it's useless

  13. Ok, not to be a bitch or something but, auctions look really confusing now (dev version)

  14. when angels deserve to die

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