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  1. I don't like memes, but this just nails the spot to the ripoff.
  2. You're banned for quoting someone
  3. I'll be the winner of this thread, if it's the last thing I do!
  4. The raffle closure and ban was a mistake. I've already lifted his ban and sent him an apology. I've talked with Hindus through PM(Private Messaging) on the Scrap.tf chat and he revealed that he was actually extremely close to the answer of what the final message said. And the final message that, hindus showed to me, made everything make sense for me. Then I lifted Trumpet's ban and sent him an apology. Also nobody at all was in the entries for awhile + A few reports, which made me believe that it was impossible to answer the password. Again, Apologies for the mistake and I'll be sure to talk to, Party Trumpet through Steam and I'll tell him that he can redo the raffle.
  5. Banned for having a heavy on your signature.
  6. Link to your profile on rep.tf: http://rep.tf/76561198068047670 Your age: 15 Your time zone: Pacific Time Zone (UTC-08:00) Amount of time you can dedicate: 5-7 Hours. Depending on how many players there are. Do you have and can use a mic?: Yes Any previous moderation experience?: I've been Super-Admin in one community in Gmod that died for awhile now and I've been Co-Owner of an popular Gmod Community named "Delta-Community". And it hosts: Jailbreak, Darkrp, TTT and Murder. I then left that community. But it is still alive and well. Anything else to add?: Jessecar is <3<3
  7. You're banned for getting banned.
  8. You're banned for looking at my avatar
  9. You're banned for responding to my comment.
  10. You're banned for saying "old".
  11. You will get used to finger posing. It ain't that hard.
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