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  1. ya but I beleive its against the rules for bots to even trade on this site
  2. I thought automated bots were banned on scrap.tf https://scrap.tf/profile/1878379 Also it has 222 trades on it. This bot too. 407 trades https://scrap.tf/profile/1792601 Found another one https://scrap.tf/profile/1891369 239 trades
  3. I sent the email. did the admins get it. just hoping I didn't send it to the wrong place
  4. in know that but that was because I bumped it everyday on that one. this one was a month old so I bumped it
  5. there is already a bug badge
  6. I found a exploit that affects the tip bots and how they work. I won't say what it is here due to the possibility of someone using it for ill intent. if a dev wants to add me they can
  7. I tried using autobuy in the weps bots and it said there was no items that I don't have. I went through the bots and found that there was a festive crusader's crossbow in one of the bots. A wep I don't have. I do have a normal crusaders crossbow but not a festive one. I tested it again and the same thing happpened. For some reason the autobuy feature thinks festive weps are the same as normal weps
  8. ok, thanks. is it being fixed atm?
  9. I don't that message on mobile. all I get is a white screen
  10. every time I try entering chat. it loads but gives me a white screen. I then tried to go into help chat only to get the same thing. I don't know if this is happening on computers but it seems to be affecting phones
  11. The weapons bots say that the ratio of buying a selling is 1:1 meaning if you sell something for .05 ref. you get .05 ref back The bot also does tokens which according to backpack.tf are .16 ref (1.5 scrap) When I looked at what the bot would give me if I sold it it said that it would buy it for 1.5 scrap (the correct value) BUT when I saw what value it was to buy it from the bot it was 2 scrap (not the correct value or the 1:1 ratio)
  12. I found out that you can have the option of selling your strange cosmetics in the hat bots as well as in the strange bots. This means that you can essentially buy stranges cheaper is one by accidently sells a strange hat to a hat bot instead of to the strange bot. This is the hat bot selling page This is the stange selling page (The cute suit is drastically cheaper if sold/bought to the hat bot instead of to the strange bot)
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