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  1. Are we allow to suggest more emoticon if the previous request has been accepted? Or is 4 the maximum you could ever get? For example, if all my 4 emoticon suggestion have been added, I can now request 4 new ones.
  2. An issue that happen since dawn of auction, many include myself are victims of this. There are already been a few suggestion in the forum speaking about this issue yet no progress have been made. Not a while ago I have created a raffle asking the public's opinion. https://scrap.tf/raffles/9RKKSE So I would to share the responses here. 1.) Do you use Scrap.tf's auction? (54 responses) Yes - 33 (61.1%) No - 21 (38.9%) please note that people who doesn't use auction also voted on this question 2.) Are you a victim of skin dumping? (54 respons
  3. So I open the smissmas sock thingy and got name tag, desc tag, paint etc. They are forever untrabable so I was wondering if you use them on a tradable item would they became untradable forever too?
  4. Post in the comment the unusual must be cheap or I will unable to afford it @_@ http://strawpoll.me/4773522
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