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  1. Custom emote suggestions

    :key: https://feen.us/dkbqno.png
  2. Don't understand what I mean? Let's say you bid on an auction and someone outbid you So you thought you no longer need to keep the item that you use to bid and decided to trade it away Later on, you open scrap.tf and was confused to see that you have won an auction even though you don't remember being the top bidder on any of the auction It turns out that the auctioneer has rejected the bidder's bid who have outbid you Because you no longer have the items you use to bid on that auction You're unable to make the payment and so receive the automatic ban given by the site This suggestion was made to decrease the chances of that happening So you would at least be able to: - ask the auctioneer to reject your bid - outbid your current bid - try retrieving the item back before its too late
  3. Tokens are displayed as 0.22 ref each in the global selling page but when the trade offer has been sent, the bot only pay 0.16 ref for the token each
  4. I was actually expecting you to say that. That's why I type the first sentence but I guess I didn't make the point clear enough. "I can see that this suggestion would be hard to implement, unnecessary, our responsibilities, etc, but is just a small idea if it is possible" For Bot checking part. Maybe instead of having it check every individual users all day. Reduce it to check only when the user have open scrap.tf For the steam goes down one, maybe they could connect it with http://steamgaug.es/ To shut down the alert system when it detects if steam goes down. (Of course, I don't if that is possible or is too much coding for something small to implement) If it is not possible I would rather have something alert me rather none at all even if it a mistake Next, I’m expecting you to comment back again with a reason against it but it really up to the site owner really. I’m only suggesting if it is possible
  5. I can see that this suggestion would be hard to implement, unnecessary, our responsibilities, etc, but is just a small idea if it is possible Sometimes the items you have used to bid was accidentally traded away for whatever reasons it may be. It would be nice if scrap.tf can alert us when that happens so we can either retrieve back the items or outbid our current bid. This would lower the chance of getting a ban from auction
  6. Please note that the point of this suggestion is to make things more convenient for bidders. This would also decrease one of the most common bans from the auction and would benefit both auctioneer and bidder. More reasons to convince you: People who like to use the auto backpack sorter means that the items will be arranged randomly again In Scrap.tf item banking, some items usually are fully stock so same of the few items may be highlighted “Overstocked” so you’re sometimes unable to select the one that you didn’t use for bidding. Which mean the bots may select the one you used for bidding, so you will need to keep sending the trade and arrange your backpack in a way so that the bot won’t select them. (Sames goes to the other banking sites) If you’re selling multiple items and the trader send you the one you used for bidding, you will have to counter offer back and wait for the other trade to accepts it. I know there are many techniques to avoid all of this (e.g. using backpack.tf tag function) But as I said earlier, is to make things easier also not everyone may know the techniques We are human, so mistakes may occur too I personally see that this suggestion would benefits auction rather than making it worse. Items that are exactly identical like description tags won’t make much difference if it were paid by a replacement. Thank you for your time reading this.
  7. I feel that item that is a commodity, where all the individual of that items is identical should work like how metals do. E.g. Decal Tool, Description Tag, Name Tag, etc. So when you bid items, it needed to be the exact items or else it won't be accepted. Which is understandable. But items such as Name Tag are extremely identical to the other Name Tags. Those items are hard to differentiate because... Same levels - (Unlike items such as hats where they are different variety of levels) Same appearance - (Unlike items such as hats where they may have Craft numbers or Paint) Unable to modify them - (Unlike items such as hats where they can be renamed or painted) Which mean is really hard to keep the one that you had bid especially if you have a lot of them and the fact that you can't see the item's ID that you bid made it even harder This means there's a higher chance of trading it away My suggestion is to make items that are effectively identical to works like metal does Which is to allow those items to have replacements like metal do. Thank you for reading my suggestion
  8. acknowledged Trade count stuck

    My trading streak does not change and remain as 1880 I believe this had happened for a while now but didn't really pay much attention to it. (I think it been like that for almost a year?) Not really sure how do I prove it with pictures Edit: [Merged]
  9. After items have been selected. (The banking page still remain fine) Search iPhone: (Probably doesn't count)
  10. cannot fix Weird Menu on Mobile

    This actually has been since Scrap.tf implement the new design. (Which is ages ago! Months?) I thought this will be fixed soon but it doesn't seem like it, so that's why I'm writing this report. If this issue has already been known, I apologies. I use iPhone 6 Main Page: On the main page I am unable to move to the left, only the right side. Banking Page: Again, unable to move to the right and not all the bots are shown The rests are pretty much normal Here's a raffle page for example:
  11. Custom emote suggestions

    Not sure why this hasn't been suggested yet... :tf2: 32x32 128x128
  12. Are we allow to suggest more emoticon if the previous request has been accepted? Or is 4 the maximum you could ever get? For example, if all my 4 emoticon suggestion have been added, I can now request 4 new ones.
  13. Custom emote suggestions

    Updated with 128x128 original post More emoticon requests :yui: 32x32 128x128 :hachiman: 32x32 128x128
  14. Skin Dumping

    An issue that happen since dawn of auction, many include myself are victims of this. There are already been a few suggestion in the forum speaking about this issue yet no progress have been made. Not a while ago I have created a raffle asking the public's opinion. https://scrap.tf/raffles/9RKKSE So I would to share the responses here. 1.) Do you use Scrap.tf's auction? (54 responses) Yes - 33 (61.1%) No - 21 (38.9%) please note that people who doesn't use auction also voted on this question 2.) Are you a victim of skin dumping? (54 responses) Yes - 20 (37%) No - 34 (63%) 3.) Should Scrap.tf auction have an item filter? (54 responses) Yes - 41 (75.9%) No - 13 (24.1%) 4.) If you're a victim of skin dumping, do you use that skin to bid on other people's auction? (44 responses) Yes - 15 (34.1%) No - 29 (65.9%) Some honorable opinions I got: "I feel adding filters would further complicate it but there should be filters to screen out skins as some are way overpriced and when we say clearly in our auctions "No Skins!" and yet they still bid skins and worst yet, some even bid at the last second so it cant be rejected at the last moment." "Scrap.tf should have a feature where people who bid on the auction before it ended can keep on bidding until one bidder is left after all the other bidders fold. There could also be a time limit instead so this doesn't go on for forever. This also gives time for the bidder to reject skin and other undesirable items." "I like the idea of a filter system a lot, however I'd hope that it would be more complex than just accepting skins/whatever item or not. For example someone may hate damaged skins, but be perfectly okay with factory new ones. This also reminds me of how people may want unusual offers, but would hate unusual weapon/taunt offers. The more in depth the filter system is, the better."' Welp I'm not bothered to rant so I will leave the rest to you guys
  15. I apologize if this was suggested before. Why should this be added? Sometimes the item can be overprice and you want to compare it to the previous bid before rejecting.