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  1. Are we allow to suggest more emoticon if the previous request has been accepted? Or is 4 the maximum you could ever get? For example, if all my 4 emoticon suggestion have been added, I can now request 4 new ones.
  2. An issue that happen since dawn of auction, many include myself are victims of this. There are already been a few suggestion in the forum speaking about this issue yet no progress have been made. Not a while ago I have created a raffle asking the public's opinion. https://scrap.tf/raffles/9RKKSE So I would to share the responses here. 1.) Do you use Scrap.tf's auction? (54 responses) Yes - 33 (61.1%) No - 21 (38.9%) please note that people who doesn't use auction also voted on this question 2.) Are you a victim of skin dumping? (54 responses) Yes - 20 (37%) No - 34 (63%) 3.) Should Scrap.tf auction have an item filter? (54 responses) Yes - 41 (75.9%) No - 13 (24.1%) 4.) If you're a victim of skin dumping, do you use that skin to bid on other people's auction? (44 responses) Yes - 15 (34.1%) No - 29 (65.9%) Some honorable opinions I got: "I feel adding filters would further complicate it but there should be filters to screen out skins as some are way overpriced and when we say clearly in our auctions "No Skins!" and yet they still bid skins and worst yet, some even bid at the last second so it cant be rejected at the last moment." "Scrap.tf should have a feature where people who bid on the auction before it ended can keep on bidding until one bidder is left after all the other bidders fold. There could also be a time limit instead so this doesn't go on for forever. This also gives time for the bidder to reject skin and other undesirable items." "I like the idea of a filter system a lot, however I'd hope that it would be more complex than just accepting skins/whatever item or not. For example someone may hate damaged skins, but be perfectly okay with factory new ones. This also reminds me of how people may want unusual offers, but would hate unusual weapon/taunt offers. The more in depth the filter system is, the better."' Welp I'm not bothered to rant so I will leave the rest to you guys
  3. Benna

    Name Tags

    So I open the smissmas sock thingy and got name tag, desc tag, paint etc. They are forever untrabable so I was wondering if you use them on a tradable item would they became untradable forever too?
  4. Post in the comment the unusual must be cheap or I will unable to afford it @_@ http://strawpoll.me/4773522
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