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  1. Electro-Scrapper. i'm sorry
  2. Tf2 community, you have the best usernames I've ever seen in any video game
  3. What do you need to fap to early?
  4. not nessicarily in metal, because that would just be 2000, as that is the max possible slots in tf2 using backpack expanders. I'm talking hats & items. how much ref could you have if you had 2000 of the most valuable item in tf2?
  5. Idk, for some reason my post had 2 of itself, so I edited this and I still can't figure out how to delete posts.
  6. I didn't know about this site for the longest time. And when I did, I got 832549205876493086784938578398576 ref.
  7. I went to the item section a while ago, and I looked around at some stranges and stuff. Strange frying pan (Pan & Grease) worth 7 keys Bacon grease (ONLY grease) worth 9 keys Unless there's another way to obtain a strange frying pan, I don't think this looks right.
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