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  1. lol my crates didn't all sell so i put 680 crates in the incinerator and they were going faster than i could put them in
  2. i can assemble it if need be.
  3. thanks you and yes looking for ether a tower or a laptop. ill eventually get both just in case.
  4. Im thinking bout saving up for a gaming computer but not sure what i should get. looking for one between 1,000 and 2,000. any suggestions?
  5. You have entered 8,610 raffles in total and won 59 items from 47 raffles.
  6. iv goten over 600 creates from the incinerator and put them up on the market. but basicly they dont sell really at all.
  7. Blah1945

    Bot Page Order

    ahh i didn't think bout that
  8. Blah1945

    Bot Page Order

    Something i have noticed when going into the bots. (for example weapons bot) you have bots to pick from but there not in the same order as when your in the bots.
  9. another scavenger hunt would be a cool idea. i didn't get to participate in the last one.
  10. ya i never thought bout that would probly kill some lower grade comps. but ya the would be nice for the owner of the raffle to see all the people in there raffle. maybe be able to open it in a diffrent page so it doesn't kill as much. maybe try and make it smaller pics so it doesn't lag so much
  11. I have a suggestion bout the Latest Entries box. to add a scroll bar on it so you can see everyone whose joined your raffle. and maybe when u hover over the persons profile pic it tells u who it is and or be able to click on it to go to there profile page
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