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  1. What about checking the trade before accepting it?
  2. Banned for just negating the reason. This was already here a lot of times.
  3. Banned for having the same number of letters in your name as the number of my eyes.
  4. Banned for recognizing too much
  5. Banned for(int i=0;i<cat;i++)
  6. Do you have a fast enough internet connection? Scrap.tf sometimes looks like this when I try to load it on slow internet.
  7. Granted. You now have a good grandma. Or what did you exactly wish? I wish for Team Fortress 3 with 12 classes.
  8. ………… ............ There are 12 dots in both rows, but something is different…...
  9. Banned for using the word mention the third time in a row
  10. Banned for not ignoring me.
  11. Banned for having a scrap.tf logo on your shirt
  12. Okay, but I close it before even looking at it because I hate YouTube. I wish someone made me a better profile picture.
  13. Really. Close this. It just causes spam on your servers. Better make a new bot.
  14. Granted, but all you friends and family will be sick. I wish I was good at TF2.
  15. Banned for writing the site name in your name with a hashtag, with uppercase letters and without a dot. This is not proper advertizing.
  16. Yeah, and you can right-click it for a useful menu.
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