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  1. Let's calc with 4m € pot, which is fairly common in Finnish lottery: I'd buy a house or large a flat apartment(500-600k) with cash(because like a boss), few bass guitars, mainly Rickenbackers, Arias, Alembics, Statuses and Fenders, few each(approx. 100k). Then i would place 3m on a long-term risk-free bank account, which i can withdraw money from, with about 1,5% yearly rate of interest. The last 300K would go to buying a new computer, some furniture, UHD TV etc. ''smaller'' things. I'd probably give 100K to charity helping the civilian people in Ukrainian war. I'd also donate 1-3K for each of my favorite Youtubers. The rest i would be just spending on daily things, withdrawing from the bank when needed.
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