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  1. I read the rules a bunch of times and carefully but it still says I didn't read them right.When I press the accept button,it says I read them already but other things like the event and my profile says I didn't.Is there anyway to fix this?
  2. This game was working fine yesterday and the font looks clear and easy to read.But today,for some reason the font looks messy and hard to read.Is there any way to fix this?
  3. For some reason I can't die from explosives that I make.I can only die from other people and if I press the suicide key.Help me please?
  4. Also guys which Sony Vegas do you recommend me to get?I want to get a editing software for my videos and I heard I should get Sony Vegas but I don't know which one.
  5. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question,I'm a bit new to Youtube but how do I put it in my video?
  6. I want to use them for my montage that Im making but I've been wondering,are they copyrighted?
  7. I was record with Audiacity and I notice I breathe a lot in the recording,how do I remove the breathing sound?
  8. oh ok Thank you so much and thank you to Lukiday and Zozerozo,You guys are very helpful <3
  9. Oh ok,I mean I guess I can use my headset for commentary,I need to practice more speech cause I be like (um um um)and I have to keep a straight voice,And I keep that in minded about the annotation thing and what do you mean about "keeping things fresh"?
  10. I'm still gonna make it :P,I can't because I would get a claim from Nintendo,I found some good music for the montage and I do that when I get enough clips for it,I guess I can try the challenge thing,is that it just sounds like AlpharadTV's A Story For Glory series I don't want people saying I copy him or maybe I can just use every character in each video but it probably be similar to Jettz's videos :/ I don't know ,I have a mic but it's kinda bad(it's a bad headset mic),tips in the future,I don't have a capture card I was able to upload videos is because I used the Smash Replay Youtube Feature,I'm saving money for a new mic and a capture card.What annotation thing you mean the "5 likes" thing?
  11. I deleted the "5 likes" thing,the other annotations are now short and they will disappear when the game says "GO!" check it out if it's good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVGCVNJy7y4 I'm making and intro,I have a mic(a headset)but it's pretty bad so I'm gonna buy a new one,and anything else?
  12. I'm making an intro,I turn off the music because I don't want to get a claim from Nintendo,what should I change on the annotations then?I'm saving money to buy a new mic,I will upload tips in the future,my quality is 720p.I'm saving up for a Elagoto Capture Card too because the reason I was able to upload Smash videos without a captupe card is using the Smash Bros Youtube Replay Feature that let's you upload replays without a capture card And I know that it takes a lot time but sometimes I feel that I'm just wasting my time making videos that not many people watch.And what does quality>quantity mean?
  13. I want my channel to grow,can you guys give me any suggestions on what should I do to grow my channel? Here it is:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAbp0NqY_n-qbB5cWZOhzYA
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