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  1. Logan

    Corrupt a wish :3

    Granted, but you're now dead. I wish for people to like my puns.
  2. Maybe a custom weapon server, or have the servers where it's 24/7 full moon so they can wear their halloween cosmetics?
  3. Banned for bein a fat cat
  4. ban for being a shark
  5. Have you seen other consequences to compare it to these?


  7. If you want to get All of the updated stuff on SFM, You'd need to manually update it.
  8. Taunts can be bought in the Item Banking: https://scrap.tf/items Also next time, If you have a suggestion please post it in the Suggestions forum: https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/10-suggestions/
  9. what is with foreign songs and sounding so much better then English ones

    1. PhantomProgrammer


      Magic. Really cool sounding magic.

  10. I do know a guy, But he's marked on SteamRep. Would it be alright if I can see if he wants to help?
  11. THERE MUST BE NO WITNESSES https://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/d/df/Sniper_sf13_influx_big01.wav?t=20131030202017
  12. Logan

    Corrupt a wish :3

    Wish granted, but the pie sucks and was filled with poison. I wish to have crappy money.
  13. Logan

    Corrupt a wish :3

    Granted, But it soon breaks. I wish to join the Italian mafia.
  14. why do I listen to stuff like this


  15. "Fuck, wrong game."
  16. Logan

    Corrupt a wish :3

    Wish granted, Steam is now shutting down to permanently fix the problem. I wish for a corrupted wish.
  17. yay im back from the hospital

    1. Ezekiel Wedlin
    2. Alexander Wedlin

      Alexander Wedlin

      Hope you're feeling better, you got me worried on Monday.

    3. PhantomProgrammer


      I didn't hear about this... But I missed you anyways! Welcome back, and I hope all went well. <3

  18. Some guy talked about in a trade chat, Not sure what it was, logged it, and the rest was history.
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