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  1. just thought it was odd, is it a bug or meant to be so? also, search function is missing results for the new collections (e.g. Warbird Collection, Harvest Collection, Pyroland Collection and Gentlemanne's Collection)
  2. someone bought all of the well worn blue mew smg's off of market, and now your bots value them at +31 keys due to easy price manipulation since the bots rely on scm prices apparently? was just wondering if they sold their smg's for massive profits or is the buy price still at 1-2 ref
  3. was looking for some stock stranges on the search function and there seems to be a massive flood of stranges with parts applied already. especially Damage dealt. people probably do not want to pay 2 keys 14 ref for a grenade launcher with damage dealt already on it since the bots are full of them. people are just looking to make a quick buck by quickbuying stuff with parts and just dumping them onto the bots (wich pay for parts applied) tl;dr strange bots are flooded with strange part weps and no one wants to buy them and the system lags because bots don't buy more of the said weapons without
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