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  1. I actually don't know how i got it
  2. Banned for mocking his hard work to mock me and not typing in size 36
  3. My New Gifter has replied! Thanks Lord Geel!
  4. You're banned for not replying in Comic Sans.
  5. Thanks, also i heard of a game called Nights into Dreams, you may like it. You probs havent heard of it.
  6. At this point I'm wondering if it does anything, i can't really see and indication that it does. I searched the forums for this topic and did not find one, removal not necessary. This forum post is shown "as is" and should not be modified or else will receive the death penalty By continuing to be on this post you agree to these rules, any violators will explode then be killed, and exploded again.
  7. You're banned for ending your name with "trade.tf"
  8. I'll start: Gotta get Scrap in time or Scrap in time Scraped Knee
  9. You have entered 1,106 raffles in total and won 4 items from 4 raffles. I feel like this is lucky.
  10. Gaming


    ROBOTS! https://scrap.tf/robots.txt
  11. It's coming out in a week. I'm going to buy it on day one.
  12. "I'm a new moderator? really? I'm not ready for this kind of responsibility! The biggist thing i've ever done was win a raffl-" I almost clicked that link, but you did fool me. Time to click that link.
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