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About Me

If you need help with Hammer Studios, or Roblox Studios tell me on Steam, or Skype.

My Skills

  • I am Proficient in Hammer Studios, have a request for a TF2 map? gladly come to my Skype and tell me your idea, I'm usually available in the middle of the day, if not I'm at school or working with my brother at the moment.
  • I am also Proficient in ROBLOX Studios, same thing, except I'm not good with scripting.
  • I will be majoring in 3D modeling in 2 more years for game creators and architects and tinkerers alike


Request (optional)

Also I'm looking for an artist that is good at making wallpapers, if you or anyone else you know can do that, I want you, or to tell them, to make a steampunk wallpaper with my OC in it

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