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  1. I think Its the opposite since HALF LIFE 3 is now 100% confirm and more work is being done there.
  2. with the death of Rick May have put the entire team fortress 2 community together, now it a great time to be united and help out the researcher, first responder, Front Liners and many other people who is struggling to stop the spread of Covid-19 and prevent more death. I was thinking that Scrap.tf and the other Marketplace.tf and Backpack.tf should have a fundraiser campaign toward Covid-19 Research, Assistant for Frontliners, etc. where people can donate TF2 Items or Cash. we as a community can help out because Enough is enough we have way too many people died due to Covid-19 and we might lost more if we don't do anything or to help out. the fundraiser should benefits the Doctors, nurses, researchers, the Front liners, etc... so that they can do their jobs without any problems or complication as there were news of not having enough equipment. I mean scrap.tf done tip of the hats TF2 item donation campaign multiple times so it's possible.
  3. Bump... What the update on this since, its now verified?
  4. This is too risky of a move because some would abuse by creating multiple account and faking IP addresses to bypass a ban
  5. I notice it as well. Gonna wait for official announcement before starting to donate.
  6. would scrap.tf/backpack.tf/etc.. get brave/BAT verify in the future. It a great alternative way to donate to the site.
  7. oh wait there isn't my bad, but all support and suggestion should go thru marketplace.tf discord chat https://discordapp.com/invite/Xbu6XCf
  8. would be nice if this can be done manually, if you need some spare change for certain trade and not a lot of refine metal.
  9. Same here with more south east asian player using scrap.tf to trade in tf2 items into DOTA2, CS:GO items or even raffle them, this is a much needed change as more people from SEA would use the site to do stuff. I can help out in translating the site for the Filipino audience, Which I already requesting Filipino language as well to help out into it on marketplace.tf since they also have dota2 (which is popular around the Philippines) and with the rise of Gcash and paymaya prepaid credit card payment service here it a needed addition to both site.
  10. do we even have that much item that a PDA2 can be crafted into?, the weapon banking works if someone would drop in those into scrap. so basically there is little to no user crafting PDA2 and putting it in to scrap.tf bots.
  11. You should send the suggestion to the Marketplace.tf forums or the official discord server.
  12. You have 2 chance to check the item before you raffle away one via your trade window and two via your phone.
  13. there were a lot of auction that look like only targets new user or idiots into bidding which most of the time it would be a 100% loss on the bidder side because of the 50% 30% or 70% item value rate and does not accept currency.
  14. Same here, and filter if it accept currency or not, it a complete headach to see 50% item only auction despite being a 100% loss on the bidder side regardless.
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