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  1. would scrap.tf/backpack.tf/etc.. get brave/BAT verify in the future. It a great alternative way to donate to the site.
  2. oh wait there isn't my bad, but all support and suggestion should go thru marketplace.tf discord chat https://discordapp.com/invite/Xbu6XCf
  3. would be nice if this can be done manually, if you need some spare change for certain trade and not a lot of refine metal.
  4. Same here with more south east asian player using scrap.tf to trade in tf2 items into DOTA2, CS:GO items or even raffle them, this is a much needed change as more people from SEA would use the site to do stuff. I can help out in translating the site for the Filipino audience, Which I already requesting Filipino language as well to help out into it on marketplace.tf since they also have dota2 (which is popular around the Philippines) and with the rise of Gcash and paymaya prepaid credit card payment service here it a needed addition to both site.
  5. do we even have that much item that a PDA2 can be crafted into?, the weapon banking works if someone would drop in those into scrap. so basically there is little to no user crafting PDA2 and putting it in to scrap.tf bots.
  6. You should send the suggestion to the Marketplace.tf forums or the official discord server.
  7. You have 2 chance to check the item before you raffle away one via your trade window and two via your phone.
  8. there were a lot of auction that look like only targets new user or idiots into bidding which most of the time it would be a 100% loss on the bidder side because of the 50% 30% or 70% item value rate and does not accept currency.
  9. Same here, and filter if it accept currency or not, it a complete headach to see 50% item only auction despite being a 100% loss on the bidder side regardless.
  10. Kinda still wondering that, there were some cases where I was stuck for more than 30 minute, and I would press cancel or restart if such a case or have a automated system where if 10 or more minute pass a cancel or restart button would appeared or auto do that for ya.
  11. it should be kept allowed, As a jigsaw puzzler and have met with the person (before she died) who have the world record of the most jigsaw puzzle collection in the world, It actually completed under 10 minute, it also let's more people into the puzzle section of the raffles. Since it basically a barren wasteland due to difficult puzzle. And also the puzzle that non-jigsaw puzzle creator made the difficulty on those puzzle isn't correlate with the majority of the site demographic and logic groups especially with the recent ARG with logic based puzzle From stranger things (yup there was a ARG), the difficulty is pretty into the easy-medium territory when I check it. and most people who joined in is practically brand new to logic based puzzles. Banning them might cause problem and complains against the site, and would be bad for the site as people would call out the site for being over enforcement for mundane rules like banning jigsaw puzzle, and would be a humiliating blow for scrap.tf.
  12. I notice as well despite the site being a anniversary I don't even notice, any celebration feel around the site as well.
  13. So the autoscraping function is really nice and useful in scraping weapons from time to time without the mundane task of doing it. But I think there should be a much easier control to save time since I usually do thing manually so i can select to my liking. Enter Smart AutoScraping My suggestion to the Scrap.tf community to introduced a much flexible autoscraping functionality which include features such as Limit which class weapons or weapon type to scrap leave certain amount of item (ex if you only need 3 Jarate but you have 10, you could basically ask to not scrap 3 jarate if you don't like to) limit on how many scrap you want. (example: I just need 1 refine metal but the current autoscraping would scrap 30 refine metal) Don't Scrap certain kinds of weapons. or even auto scrap them into class/weapon token instead I think it can save time and resources by allowing users to avoid clicking individual items one by one especially for those with huge inventory.
  14. Ok sometimes my mouse is clicky sometime and most of the time I accidentally click autoscrap on the menu automatically scrap the weapons for you. Well it sometimes annoying since basically it on the menu selection and canceling it everytime but it does also waste bot time because of accidental clicks. it is possible to give warning/prompt as well how many scraps you received when you click on it then automatically add you to que. this is beneficial both user and scrap tf bots so nothing gets delayed when someone uses it because accidental send request minimalized.
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