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  1. may want to check help or talk in chat for help next time before suggesting something man.
  2. ... The mods dont usually host auctions, and then everyone would just pin their own auctions making it pointless.
  3. try tagging me in this fourm using the same method. Notice how there's a list of potential people you could tag? maybe it would be something like that.
  4. Hey, don't get me wrong, I'd love to have individual customization for the bar. It's a great idea. Also, I always give gifts at the christmas event
  5. I see what you're going for, but that would likely involve a lot of rework on the site for a small portion of the year for the second part of your suggestion, and a whole lot more for the first. Just my 2 cents, but I dont see this being accepted.
  6. Is this an issue you're having in one of your raffles? If you're talking about issues with this idea, the possibility is beyond miniscule. It's far less likely than sharing a real name like John. (not my real name and sorry if there are any Johns here who I offended by calling your name common)
  7. Okay so basically it would involve reworking the entire chat system to incorperate any of these features which would be a huge overhall and take lots of time for you guys. I imagine doing an overhall on a working system is less of a priority than bug fixes or new feature implimentation, so it probably wont happen for a long time. Am I understanding that right? Also, just out of curiosity, if the system allowed it, do you think this would have been a good idea? Thanks
  8. I'm just glad that I wasn't being stupid and reccomending something that was already there (and just couldnt figure out how to use it) and it was something worth a response from you or another mod. Are you referring to the tagging peole in general? It works on here, and it appears as though it's a similar tag by starting with the @ , but I assume that's not the case. Either way, if tagging people in general isn't possible right now, would a tagging the raffle creator button be reasonable? Edit: Also took a look at your comment on the recently rejected Auction suggestion. I imagine this is already the plan, but could the blocking feature could block tagging in general (including replies)
  9. Yeah, but maybe there could be a way to turn it off? Again, I made this idea general so people could discuss it like this to come up with a good variation of how it would work. I get your point, but not everyone has steam on all the time. This would probably find more use when someone wants to message the raffle creator and the raffle creator hasn't posted any comments. All I'm really suggesting is an alternative to clicking the button by just typing the name. I don't think it would change too much but would be nice to have.
  10. I think you're missing that point, I'm suggesting there should be a way to tag someone before they comment IF they're in the raffle. So Imagine this. (going to use Ronald here because I love his raffles) Ronald D_D created a raffle, and both of us joined, and neither of us comments. I see that you joined and want to tag you, but you haven't commented. I think I should be able to do @ Squeaks The Fox (removing the space from start. I left the space to prevent ACTUALLY tagging you here) TLDR: my suggestion is to make it where you can tag a friend in the same raffle before said friend comments, or so that you don't have to dig for their comment to tag them.
  11. Now, then again, if I'm being stupid about the first part and am just not doing it right, I'd still like the second part of my suggestion to be considered (tag the raffler button) (If I am being stupid, please tell me how to actually tag someone xD)
  12. In raffles, using the reply icon next to a person's message makes it really easy to chat with them for whatever reason people wish. Continuing a joke, just chatting, etc. However, I just tried to tag someone by using @(Username) and found it not working in a raffle comment. I think it should be possible to tag people who have entered the raffle in the comments. (However, I don't think you should be able to tag people outside of the raffle to avoid spam on profiles). Maybe it could also be possible for a user to make it so they can't be tagged like this. Finally, just an extra thought, what if it were possible to tag the raffle creator even if (s)he didn't comment with an icon under the user's image (by the "tip" and "report" icons. I know this idea isn't very huge, but I thought it could be a nice addition to the site that would be fairly well received. I'm open to discussing specifics, I'd love to help make this a reality. Thanks, YTIWOYS
  13. I do agree it would be good for there. It'd be nice to see that.
  14. I really don't see the point in that personally. Cant speak for the mods but it seems like only a few people would want that.
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