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  1. Back from the dead for one last raffle


  2. Tried to learn how to trade up. Ended up giving away like $20 worth of items over the course of a year and getting really involved with the community. Then i gave away like 100 tips and faded away into oblivion
  3. I am now festive :D

    1. The Lost King

      The Lost King

      now to stand around awkwardly until my pic updates <_<

  4. Banned for having 69 posts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. i honestly didnt notice that that was a pony until someone pointed it out to me. im not sure why it would bother you, its just a jack-o-lantern with a weird tail coming out of the top
  6. We draw ever close to the day my plans unfold...

  7. trade up. if you get lucky you can get $5 in a week or two depending on your bp worth
  8. i played the beta. It got kind of old after a few hours but there was only about 5% of the game available. All in all the game was great. sound and graphics were amazing. The weapons were also cool and felt unique to me. Ive got to say though, those missions were epic. i cant wait until i can play the entire round on endor. judging from the beta alone i would give this game an 8. If i add on what i hope the full game will bring its probably going to be my favorite game for a long time. the only thing that seems to be missing is pure single player fighting like the the first 2 games but you nev
  9. normal knife. many faces are stabbed and many backs are as well
  10. Just got my cast off. I guess my arm kinda healed while in there. What kind of devils tricks are in those things.....

  11. This place is getting too spooky for me ;-;

  12. on the steam market prices are set according to what people want to sell for. some people put up crazy prices and if an item is in short supply its possible you will only see the crazy prices until someone puts a decent one in. look at the sell history of the item to get a good idea on its value. honestly marketplace is better then the market if you plan on trading the items you bought. i would go to youtube to look for trading guides. they have all the basics you need
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