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  1. I myself have done 365 trades, and have been a member since April 9th, 2015.
  2. TFW you're allergic to pineapple, but it just tastes so darn good.

    1. Trilluminati


      I know someone who is allergic to chocolate.

  3. Would you hand out free pizza while we discuss pizza?
  4. So close to 10,000 total members on the forums.

    1. Ezekiel Wedlin

      Ezekiel Wedlin

      tfw 880,000 members on ScrapTF but 9,000 on forums.

  5. Content count reached 256! Next milestone is 512!

    1. PHiSH


      How awfully specific of you.

  6. Just found out the iPad Steam app works with mobile confirmation now and I've been using an emu for nothing. WP Steam.

  7. Got locked out of steam because the computer with the android emu got fried. Oops. Guess I'll fix it later. Welcome to procrastination nation.

  8. This one is definitely an Easter egg. If you try connecting to ws.scrap.tf (for websocket) from certain browsers, you receive a blank webpage with simple text saying: 'ello!
  9. Not sure if you can really call this one a secret, but user number 0 is Sweetiebot, who is registered as being on the site since 1969 and being a Super Donator who donated $60.51. Sweetiebot can be seen making certain testing and announcement raffles, and sometimes auto-join script bait raffles.
  10. Granted, but now all your other computer parts are broken. I wish for a dark blue llama.
  11. Error 500 is lookin snazzy!

    1. PHiSH


      500 - Server Error

      Sorry, but Scrap.TF is temporarily unavailable.

      We are doing everything we can to fix any problems we're having.
      You can try refreshing in a few minutes,
      or check our Steam Group for any updates.

    2. PhantomProgrammer


      It's beautiful... ;-;

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