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  1. Because I usually kill enemies with a melee weapon, anything with airblasts or knock back is absolutely horrible.
  2. I bought a ton of killstreak kits for 1 ref each, I got some of them like AWP, Grenade Launcher etc. they were worth 1 key each. But that was when backpack.tf didn't price killstreak kits ;-;
  3. This is the best on going conversation ever
  4. I have done some auction sniping... very effective.
  5. The scout was originally going to have a nail gun that is similar to the syringe gun that the medic uses.
  6. The vita-saw is probably the best melee ever. It's just that 2K might never give the rights for it to be able to sell on the market. Which doesn't make sense since collector's and killstreaks can be sold.
  7. I was never hyped for it. Too many things to pay for in all the new updates.
  8. my guess october 23, 2077
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