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  1. I certainly hope not, not sure there's much we can do at this point though. So many core members have left already, and I doubt many will stay much longer.
  2. Is the forum at least a safe place to talk? Is there somewhere where we can discuss and attempt to revive the amazing community this site used to have?
  3. Yeah, I'm not too surprised. His popularity drowned out the logical people who read the debate. It was fun while it lasted tho
  4. Yeah, Milk's kinda ignoring the rest of the race, just kinda elected himself.
  5. By title I meant basically the right to say you won. I don't expect the staff to give us the title, honorary or not.
  6. As far as I know there's no actual reward for winning, other than perhaps an honorary(and useless) title.
  7. Feel free to respond to anything here. Sorry you weren't told about it.
  8. I don't think that anyone actually thinks that the winner will get anything other than an honorary title at most. It was/is a fun thing the community decided to do, simply because why not? I personally have quite enjoyed it, and would actually be honored to win the election, even though very little will likely come of it.
  9. It grew into quite a good debate, which technically is still continuing.
  10. That would likely work, and then get a pinned raffle for the poll? Not sure exactly who can make them. I would be happy to contribute to the raffle itself.
  11. I live in the Midwest US, and am in central time. We could potentially just keep this thread running until about a day before the election is held, so that any new items can be addressed. The days time between the debate end and the election would give voters a chance to review their choices prior to the election. As for the election itself, how should we go about publicizing it?
  12. I unfortunately have to withdraw from the debate for the night. I will return in the morning to respond to any more questions or concerns that anyone may have.
  13. Regardless, I do not think that anyone should be removed from the running because they were unable to debate at this time. Sunday would give both candidates and voters time to catch up on this debate and make any last comments. I would recommend that additional questions are cut of either now or in a day. The extension would allow members in some time zones to add their voice to the debate who were unable to tonight.
  14. That would be extremely unfair, as some candidates were unable to debate for various reasons beyond their control. Also, Gallon of Milk is currently top of most polls, yet he was unable to debate. The majority of people, including myself, would be quite unhappy if he was removed from the running because of that.
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