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  1. lizards

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    2. Logan


      pretty cool

      especially when they're super small

    3. Alexander Wedlin

      Alexander Wedlin

      They're 100% cooler when they have a ScrapTF shirt on.

    4. PhantomProgrammer


      You look cool. Can I be in your posse?

  2. *does horse things*

  3. i like lizards


    1. Blah1945


      i like lizards to.  but you also have to take care of its food. 

  4. Hey there, I've been a YouTuber for around 3 years, and I have nearly 1000 videos. Here's a few tips: All those annotations at the start of the video are really annoying to viewers, they take up a huge part of the screen. Videos with no commentary don't really do too well anymore, back in 2009 they were alright. Intros & outros make any video better, as long as it isn't too long and music isn't too loud or obnoxious. And just a small thing, try and avoid saying things like "Can we get 5 likes for the next episode?!" That is actually a huge pet peeve for most people, myself included. Hope
  5. scrap.tf counts Strange Parts when you are purchasing Stranges, so that's why a Syringe Gun was 2 keys. It had some decent parts on it, apparently.
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