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  1. Technically yes. But from personal standpoint, i'd only accept them as "gamers" if they were playing something competitive that is probably pretty good and has a good amount of people playing. Like Vainglory. Not something like what you'd see at the top of the free chart though. because most of it is filled with trends that are just.. weird.
  2. I want to buy my soul back, I mean, buy a perfect pc for years to come.
  3. Banned because you are not back at the water tower where you should be.
  4. Granted, but the next wish you want is double corrupted instead. I wish for good PC parts that will not be damaged or destroyed.
  5. Banned for not capitalizing the first letter of your sentence. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  6. Oh please. Have some class. Well, two to be exact, that one on my tablet, this one on my broken laptop.
  7. Banned for not really having a reason.
  8. Banned for using Qrow as your profile pic right before RWBY Season 4 is supposed to arrive, and also making me remember Yang's.. situation.
  9. Granted, yet it is as hard as concrete. I wish for a magic owl that can talk and will not try to harm me or my friends.
  10. Granted, but it's fully lewd shark drawings. I wish that I had a bag stuffed full with actual senzu beans.
  11. Granted, yet you will only have one piece, and that one piece is the flavor you hate most. I wish for the old cartoon network shows to not be ruined anymore.
  12. Exactly what I was going for.. but for here since well, I see no way we could do this online except in chat and forums. That and we may have some good ideas.
  13. Granted, yet when you unsheath it, the knife breaks into shards like Mehrune's razor. I wish for me to go into the world of rwby during season one as a new main character.
  14. Does he have speech to text on his computer?
  15. This is pretty simple, you respond to the previous 2 "offers" with either a yes or a no, and three reasons why for each. But it must be for a million dollars, and it can not be something that can get the world or even a part of the world destroyed or massively damaged in any way. I will give an example. "You get a million dollars, but you will have a knife permanently attached to your hand." Yes. One, you can get a sheathe for it. Two, you are always prepared incase a up close fight. And three, you could possibly switch it out since it never specified which knife. Now here is the first. You get a million dollars but.. once a month for an entire day, you become your online ScrapTF persona. Basically your body shapeshifts into whatever your avatar was at that random day. You can still do what you do normally, just in that form.
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