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  1. I don't like some cookies. Only a few special ones
  2. What a shame, the :tip: doesn't work in here
  3. I believe that I'm the flattered one atm It's good to see you all as well! (or, at least, read while looking at your respective avatars)
  4. Granted, your pokemon is now so shiny you can't even look at it, even the pokeballs can't capture him because the beam gets deflected, forcing you to let him go I wish I wasn't idling from scrap forums for so many time
  5. Granted, but it was so fast that you couldn't receive the prize in time and it got lost in the void But hey, you still won... I wish for a Nintendo Wii
  6. Granted, the ammount of Tamales have been tripled, but the cloning proccess is in "early access", so a bug happened and all of them are toxic and radioactive I wish for good and non glitchy early access games to be a thing
  7. Granted, but they're not stupid, they're thinking in a whole new level, that contains every answer to every question in the universe and are able to easily take you down I wish to stop changing avatars so much
  8. Granted, but the image corrupted itself and it's no longer accessible I wish for a golden gun
  9. Banned for quoting a shiny pokemon
  10. Granted, the only person that was able to read what you posted gone blind, the others said "TL;DR" I wish that all unusuals get replaced by normal gibuses
  11. Banned for being late, and for making me use a bad generic Ban reason So, you're also banned for corrupting time and space
  12. You're arrested for disturbing the peace with your quack dance Did I do it wrong?
  13. Banned for not specifying the Ban reason
  14. Banned for editing your post
  15. Granted As a result, tons of people got squashed and died I wish I was good at image editing
  16. Granted, you controlled time in such a way that I can now talk normally, and you created a time crack in space, which is now freezing everything I wish for an Ice Cream
  17. WhoaI'mWritingTooFastOhMyGod *Breathes* Granted, you can now draw better, they are so beautiful that are now exposed in a museum, that got robbed, and they blame you because your drawings were the only thing there Now you're getting sued IWishICouldTalkSlowerHelpPlease
  18. Granted, it's now snowing! And it is... Yellow? I wish to post faster answers
  19. I was attempting to gather a team to make an animation mod for the meet the medic taunt, however, every team I made died without answering.
  20. Granted, I didn't knew if it was a money printer or a normal printer, so I printed a picture of both I wish that the next user creates a paradox
  21. Banned for corrupting my wish at the other forum game
  22. Granted, You have now the power to cure headaches, the method, however, is controversial By using a really obnoxiously loud sound at someone's ear, this makes their headache goes away... Together with a head explosion You've tested it on yourself, by the way I wish for the power of being able to fly
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