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  1. Please redirect this to https://forum.scrap.tf/support
  2. THIS. That's a system super rigged. Reserve an unusual and then never pay, You just stole someones unusual but hey! at least you got banned? Such an exploitable system haha
  3. If you're in need of help, please use this: https://forum.scrap.tf/support
  4. That's a bummer dude. Personally, I found the automation / messages to not be an issue. They said to deposit by the 18th, but after that point we were still allowed to change the gift. What I would have done if my gift was untradable, would have been to deposit a filler gift then swap the gifts once they became tradable. Maybe the staff will have mercy on you; you could always try the support section for help with that.
  5. Strange Dead Ringer (I'm a spy main :D) Pretty thoughtful of them!
  6. Kill everything that moves. I had to settle with a Pro KS Strange Pan so I do it with that
  7. i agree but idk either. i mean, it could be a temp solution while they fix their bots
  8. What? I think it could be helpful when bidding items. If I saw an inventory with not a ton of spaces I'd go out of my way to bid using less items of similar value to be able to finish the bid after I win. Rather than bidding various items and not being able to finish the auction because the bots inventory is too full. It took me almost 20 hours to finish my bid which was cutting it close
  9. im glad it's being looked into; i've had zero new quest in 2 days again
  10. Hi again, I'll just make this suggestion short and to the point. I think that if people bidding on an item were to see how much storage space the bot had left, it would be much easier to A. Secure the item and B. Not get a trade error due to the bots inventory being full. I recently won an auction which has taken me 16 hours to finish. Why? Because the bots inventory was close to full at 2,485 slots. If it didnt lower, I would have had another auction ban (ive been banned and saved by luna 6 times because of these issues over the course of 3 months now) If i had seen the space left on the bot i would have offered less items. For example, paying with keys instead of items or metals. I feel that this could be a good step forward in completing auctions and avoiding auction bans
  11. As a spy main... I LOVE IT. Mercenary park has enough ammo boxes to keep me cloaked forever. Plus it really allows for aggressive spy play. The update is fine, I wish the jetpack would swap faster so that it were more viable in an offense sense. Im biased. I use the powerjack to move and a backburner and shotty
  12. Here's the thing; I believe that both could use more attention. I've personally been auction banned 4-5 times now because of a bot (the main issue that causes this) BUT i've noticed Luna is rarely on sometimes. It took 4 days for her to be online before I was unbanned - meaning I served out 4 days of a ban I shouldn't have gotten. I think an easier fix for now would be to expand more staff to take on appeals It just makes sense to do that right now. These bot issues have been plaguing me for the past 2 months and I'm sure they've affected others before then. So while they work on the bots, it would be nice to have more people helping Luna with appeals. If she hadn't gone online I doubt I Would have been unbanned. Again, I do agree with you but right now I think it would be helpful to focus on those currently banned.
  13. My recipient has talked a little, Secret santa has not really talked. Said a sentence days ago.
  14. I wrote on your wall (Scrap profile) i'd like to volunteer for live support and never heard back from you. You're the only person it sends me to So i'd like to volunteer. Please let me know. 


    edit: I wrote on your wall 13 days ago to specify the timeline and why I'm writing here now

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    2. lesse


      Was just saying to wait a bit longer instead of following up, let's stop this stupid argument now, please.

    3. Captain Oblivious

      Captain Oblivious

      Slem, I'm not arguing with you nor do I have an interest in doing so

      None of what you have written on this has been helpful or relevant to my original post on their wall. Ex: Calling me "Clingy" it's uncalled for and unprovoked


      I agree with your last part though; I'd appreciate it if you stopped 




    4. Luki


      Neet has received 22 pages (1100 comments(!)) of merry christmas comments recently. Asking in chat is easier and you get a response directly.

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