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  1. Please redirect this to https://forum.scrap.tf/support
  2. If you're in need of help, please use this: https://forum.scrap.tf/support
  3. That's a bummer dude. Personally, I found the automation / messages to not be an issue. They said to deposit by the 18th, but after that point we were still allowed to change the gift. What I would have done if my gift was untradable, would have been to deposit a filler gift then swap the gifts once they became tradable. Maybe the staff will have mercy on you; you could always try the support section for help with that.
  4. Strange Dead Ringer (I'm a spy main :D) Pretty thoughtful of them!
  5. Kill everything that moves. I had to settle with a Pro KS Strange Pan so I do it with that
  6. As a spy main... I LOVE IT. Mercenary park has enough ammo boxes to keep me cloaked forever. Plus it really allows for aggressive spy play. The update is fine, I wish the jetpack would swap faster so that it were more viable in an offense sense. Im biased. I use the powerjack to move and a backburner and shotty
  7. My recipient has talked a little, Secret santa has not really talked. Said a sentence days ago.
  8. I wrote on your wall (Scrap profile) i'd like to volunteer for live support and never heard back from you. You're the only person it sends me to So i'd like to volunteer. Please let me know. 


    edit: I wrote on your wall 13 days ago to specify the timeline and why I'm writing here now

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    2. lesse


      Was just saying to wait a bit longer instead of following up, let's stop this stupid argument now, please.

    3. Captain Planet

      Captain Planet

      Slem, I'm not arguing with you nor do I have an interest in doing so

      None of what you have written on this has been helpful or relevant to my original post on their wall. Ex: Calling me "Clingy" it's uncalled for and unprovoked


      I agree with your last part though; I'd appreciate it if you stopped 




    4. Luki


      Neet has received 22 pages (1100 comments(!)) of merry christmas comments recently. Asking in chat is easier and you get a response directly.

  9. ? Why did you lock the thread, I was just trying to give the guy an answer. I am confused though, It was a general chat about "Everything" Why should It get locked if its not breaking any rules? They asked a question I gave an answer... It seems kind of counterproductive to stifle answers to a general question. And what did you mean by "Right subforum" Its a little confusing; the response you gave. I mean, I know you must mean : https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/  but the original posters question wasn't really about a site issue, it seemed like a question I figured wouldn't be a big deal to answer. Plus doesn't it save you guys time overall? 

    The thread i'm referencing was: 


    1. 3xlneet


      Because of the reasons stated in the thread.

  10. Yeah! I guess it's about taking advantage of the situation
  11. What I do is at 30 seconds I have my items selected (and all I have to do it press the bid button) I then watch the timer and once its 10-9 seconds i click bid. Hasn't failed me yet
  12. I feel that. The staff try, but it takes a little while to hear from them. I've found that I usually have a direct line to some mod if I report an auction (usually hearing back shortly) but when i've posted in forums it's taken between 10 to 21 hours to hear a response. Im sure this will get noticed though
  13. No idea, and the badge designers seem random; Luna, Dima -to name a few. I would reference the staff to see their badges and who made what. I know the holiday badge doesn't seem to say who made it so I really have no clue sorry!
  14. 1. Sometimes (and I really don't know "when" the window to bit closes) people will win by THAT much. I get it haha. I've been there too! 2. That's weird. Sometimes the timers can be a little wonky. I know in the past on my phone i've seen timers at 4 hours (when in reality it was 6) so maybe its a timezone difference? 3. Same as 2. It's probably a timezone thing or a site bug. Personally, i've never had that issue. You might have a point with the latency issues; on a related issue there seems to be site issues with bot inventory 1 so maybe this is something that will get fixed. Have you submitted a report on your auctions?
  15. I understand you locking my posts, BUT please keep in mind these are new instances of me being banned from the same guy doing auctions. Could you AT LEAST look into their profile on scrap.tf? They have a wall of text from other users who got auction banned from trying to collect the key too. This isn't just a "Me" issue, it's clearly affected other users. 


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