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  1. There was also this weird morse code like message but instead of dots and lines there were only dots. (.... ...... ...)
  2. That's all I got. I found this cipher on a website. I didn't make it. Interested to see if it's something
  3. i3T3VX@!S1WX8S7WU48S1X7S -i33XTZ25VT7SX-S1397X3\Y\8S%1i3382T9TSTX8S1398TT8V[9S3)8i[X3V1TSUX82XT78S1X9ST3T8V73)Qi98\X4=S X8S1397X12=2T-S8183%8i9X5XX2S9X8S1X98SZXX\S3X8S1-8 4i3598X}uW\9SX3SV-Y3X1S2\3SSXT73/XiX96-43SV-71X9SX8V@PS\}5TXS97:4i38QT3\8795T8S1X9SX3T\3V=T@T3 8i3XT\518S1X7S5T9SSX9843S2X8S1T73,8i3V1TSUX8SW795TX2S7X73\X7SW@Xi3ZX=T7\XSS17X3W7XX5S7-7,4i38QT3\8795T8S1X9SX3T\X=S1 Xi33X3\@XWST3Z7-SSWX155@TS13]8i25[TSVX8S138WT9SSXX811=\8S1X8ST33\Xi\3T2SY1T9SSX\W74SY1X7S,T I'm wondering if this means anything and my attempts at decryption have failed so far so I need some help here. Thx.
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