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  1. you got the math very very wrong total userbase is a 5 year long trip of collecting 1.33 million users, active userbase is those who actually use the site in given time period in raffles (or infact in the whole site) you got about a few thousands active users daily, max out of that 90-95% are silent
  2. @Jesse A total userbase is not the same as active userbase, do your job and count comments on raffles / megaraffle with regard of user role, this should give you a more precise look into percentages of userbase attendance. Anyway its only ~5-10% users (or less?) who do chat, the huge majority just enters and dont bother to interact in anyway, so again, the perspective is shifting as you look closer as to who actually would be hit by this change.
  3. Discord Tag: hinspam#6085 Chrome dev tools? yes, quite so Experience? yeah, a lot
  4. Jesse, and what about the raffle bots and the *ages* they are taking on "Handling missing items" stage? when this bug hits it can take 15 min or longer to make the trade ;( i think its mostly happening in the "older" bots, raffle 1-6... does it have something in common with the issue that bots are eating/stealing the items?
  5. lol, i broke the system (on your responsibility!) " Trade Completed 4 new items acquired from ScrapTF | Raffle 1 " so yeah, i could withdraw the items o_O and i did x_X now i have no idea what will happen with my raffle, 4 items missing from a total of 8...
  6. as the title says, i won few items in raffles some time ago, now made a raffle with them and boom " You've won 2 raffles that must be withdrawn. " in notification bar, 2 said raffles in " Raffles you won " table with "Withdraw buttons" (hyhy, should i try to withdraw? :>) i checked the trade history and i received those items from raffle 1 bot, and now, coincidentally, i traded my items to the same raffle 1 bot so dunno, some silly bug in tracking item status? edit: item which i won from another raffle bot (raffle 6) did not reappear, so it's more like a single bot inventory tracking bug...
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