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  1. Top_Cat


    44 / 18 = 2.44 MATHS
  2. +1 would recommend a job
  3. Yeah, that's a tricky optimisation to make. When you instantiate a raffle you need to tell it you're never going to care about it's users so it doesn't add them to the cache load list. I think I originally purposefully added raffle winners to the cache list when a raffle is loaded to reduce the number of queries on the raffle pages themselves. Turning that off might be the best solution for the won raffles page, at a slight expense to the main raffle pages. Needs testing ;p
  4. My initial reaction is that this function is being used wrong, 3000 invocations seems way too many. I wonder how many ids are being passed each time. For n < 12 your method is best, otherwise array_merge -> array_flip is faster function fast_unique($input) { return array_flip(array_flip($input)); } http://pastebin.com/HT08vfvT n = 1000 array_unique Execution time : 4.4605271816254 seconds fast_unique Execution time : 0.18985080718994 seconds loop_merge Execution time : 6.38614320755 seconds 5001 - 5001 - 5001 n = 100 array_unique Execution time
  5. Then you can't personalise your gift at all which is basically just another raffle. Less fun. The fun is in giving, not receiving. If you disagree you're probably a grinch.
  6. You item cannot go to someone who does not also give. Again, read the event description.
  7. Giving a gift is supposed to be selfless, you can't "lose". If you read the description of the event it does lay out the terms reasonably clearly.
  8. https://github.com/Jessecar96/SteamDesktopAuthenticator/issues
  9. The tips used (and now shown) are for public raffles only, the 6 tips are from private raffles.
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