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  1. People still trying to talk to me after I've been gone for so long? And here I thought you people disliked me.

    1. Siewierszczyzna


      Nope, we all still like you. At least I like you. You and you're supply drop missions. (Btw, what happened after that someone took your place? Missed out after that one.)

    2. A Moogle

      A Moogle

      Nothing, the series was cancelled. It's gonna stay that way too, since Escrow and certain people in this community keep me from raffling.

    3. 31Darkstar


      I still like you Kitty. I will always like you.

  2. Unboxed Elite grade kitties. That's right son, us cats are elite. ;)  

    1. 31Darkstar


      Congrats Kitty. *gives a cookie*

    2. Shiny Substitute

      Shiny Substitute

      There's enough jelly for an entire JRPG's worth of slimes over here. :<

  3. Huzzah, Steam API has crapped itself over and over..not that bad of a community update though~

    1. 31Darkstar


      It happens every update. Item server down for almost the first whole day. And I will say I love the Halloween update so far. The whole Gargoyle thing is awesome too.

  4. Judge not by what example others make for their fandom, judge only by the purity of that one persons heart.

  5. My kitty hoodie arrived today. Is super cyutteee <3 Though the sleeves are a tad bit short..not enough to ruin it, but enough to be annoying. Nonetheless, cuutee!

    1. Luki


      Do you have a photo?

      or just a link to where you can buy them?

    2. A Moogle
    3. Luki


      I meant a photo from google images :)

      Looks cute :3

  6. Why is it so entertaining and fun to report people who break rules? I swear, I get happy when I see someone breaking the rules..it means I get to report them and see what happens!

    1. Luki
    2. Zaptoshi
    3. A Moogle

      A Moogle

      Primarily talking about the people who go and type stuff like "ur an a@@^$# cuz ur gey, lolololol, troll comment troll comment."

  7. I wish the forum was more active. I'd have more incentive to do things here if it were. Sorry 3 followers for not posting much D:

    1. Baloo


      Maybe if replying to a status didn't open a giant pop-up window where I can unnecessarily customize my response, then I'd reply to more :unsure:

  8. I have a boot on my head, your argument is invalid.

  9. My apologies for my recent polls. I vow to never include myself in a poll again in any way shape or form unless it involves help with a decision or is story based. More more selfish self-praise.

  10. Still trying to find a new name...I need help finding a girly name before the end of my series-within-a-series raffling :3

    1. Prunn


      美しいキティ (Beautiful Kitty)
    2. Prunn


      Or the pronunciation, 

      Utsukushī Kiti
  11. I've been convinced to stay. Huzzah.....still feeling like a bag of [Cuss-word REDACTED].

    1. Knight


      Welcome back, I dunno exactly who you are but everyone seems to have missed you! 

    2. The Lost King

      The Lost King

      i hope youve been reading those raffles in your honor. some of them aren't your generic "we love you dont go" messages but auctually have some interesting points

  12. Last day of Excel for this week. Can't wait to get it over with. Don't wanna go, embarresed and angry with people who now dislike me for being socially awkward >.<

  13. Huzzah for another day of work at the Excel center. Also, planning to update my profile on steam and here soon. Love you all, you beautiful people.

  14. Just unboxed a very beautiful weapon... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=518103240

    1. 3xlneet


      Please, try to not spam the recent status "board"

  15. Waiting to get my raffle items back so that I may put up the raffle I meant to do. Darned bot stole mah items!

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