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    In a hidden bunker under the sea.
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    List of Interests: TF2, Writing short stories, Video games, fancy items, Hello Kitty, You!

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  1. People still trying to talk to me after I've been gone for so long? And here I thought you people disliked me.

    1. Siewierszczyzna


      Nope, we all still like you. At least I like you. You and you're supply drop missions. (Btw, what happened after that someone took your place? Missed out after that one.)

    2. A Moogle

      A Moogle

      Nothing, the series was cancelled. It's gonna stay that way too, since Escrow and certain people in this community keep me from raffling.

    3. 31Darkstar


      I still like you Kitty. I will always like you.

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