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    In a hidden bunker under the sea.
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    List of Interests: TF2, Writing short stories, Video games, fancy items, Hello Kitty, You!

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  1. People still trying to talk to me after I've been gone for so long? And here I thought you people disliked me.

    1. Siewierszczyzna


      Nope, we all still like you. At least I like you. You and you're supply drop missions. (Btw, what happened after that someone took your place? Missed out after that one.)

    2. A Moogle

      A Moogle

      Nothing, the series was cancelled. It's gonna stay that way too, since Escrow and certain people in this community keep me from raffling.

    3. 31Darkstar (Birthday June 23)

      31Darkstar (Birthday June 23)

      I still like you Kitty. I will always like you.

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