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  1. Would bloody love to, but sadly, in their own words. "Come back when you have something publishable written."..I wanted to have one of my philosophical writings in the paper, but they wouldn't put it in because it conflicted with the christian views of the town. Not even directly offeding them or anything, it just doesn't involve their god and instead replaces it with a man pulling the strings..
  2. *The shuttle ship lands, arriving at the sector A-1 port, the very center of all business on Geodinia. The doors open and immediately an assistant rushes in, talking a hundred miles an hour and shuffling through various papers* "Oh, Ms. Katswell! Glad to have you here, so first we need to get your gun forms finished, then get you to the firing range for practi-" *Kitty rolls her eyes and hands over the forms. She knows her job. She did the same thing back on Earth..so she ignores the rambling of the assistant and walks out, breathing in the dusty air of Geodinia. It is a dark and dusty planet, nothing but gray and brown rocks and crags, filled in only with shiny sleek buildings and the occasional dead or dying oak tree.* I don't need a briefing, darling, just point me to the locker rooms so I can get geared up..*Kitty says, the assistant pointing off to a transport platform, a sort of side-ways elevator- "That way darling, armory is in building 4..but are you sure you...?" *The assistant says, only to find that Kitty has already left, riding the transport to the locker room, waving goodbye.* "Oh Katswell...you think you know how easy this job will be..you have no idea how different it is here on Geodinia.." *The attendant sighs and shakes her head, looking down at the papers again.* Part 2 of introduction.
  3. I will if I can, just gotta get people to stop making drama with me and leave me in peace.
  4. This Topic is an Archive for the raffle series: Deep Mine. Dear [DATA MISSING], October 15th, 2029Hello Mr. or Ms. [DATA MISSING], you have been selected or have volunteered to join the G.M.U, the Geodinia Mining Union. You will be moved to Sector G-33 upon your arrival, where we are working on the largest iron/tin deposit on this planet. Your job will be: Security Guard. You will find an enjoyable job patrolling the lower areas of the mining facilities, deep within the planets crust. Here with G.M.U, we value our workers and our security. H-eh-he..G.M...[Transmission Corrupted. Please report to your attendant upon landing on Geodinia to finish reviewing.]*The pilot grumbles and shuts down the recording, he then looks back to you and snickers* "Bah, welcome to Geodinia luv, nuffin' seems to work right on dis 'ere hunk o' rock..even when in orbit. I reckon we'll be touchin' down at Sector A-1 here in 'bout 5 hours...best sit tight and finish fillin' our yer forms there.."....(To be continued in the next raffle~) Story piece Intro 1.
  5. Why is it so entertaining and fun to report people who break rules? I swear, I get happy when I see someone breaking the rules..it means I get to report them and see what happens!

    1. Luki
    2. Zaptoshi
    3. A Moogle

      A Moogle

      Primarily talking about the people who go and type stuff like "ur an a@@^$# cuz ur gey, lolololol, troll comment troll comment."

  6. It was a long night. Don't judge.
  7. Beats me! I made it while I was drunk.
  8. So, how about that pot roast? Anyone try it? No? Okay...
  9. I win for at least one second by posting this comment. Do I get a reward yet? c:
  10. I've never used live support..I'm curious about it now. What do the volunteers do in it?
  11. I don't have an image for you guys. Just a big fat delicious..... Pot Roast c: I cooked it just for you guys! <3
  12. I wish the forum was more active. I'd have more incentive to do things here if it were. Sorry 3 followers for not posting much D:

    1. Baloo


      Maybe if replying to a status didn't open a giant pop-up window where I can unnecessarily customize my response, then I'd reply to more :unsure:

  13. Kitty is right here. Also, I go by "she". Periodic raffles that are probably going to turn daily again, huzzah! Thanks for this though..its' very sweet <3 Sorry for the tiny break. Meant to have it last longer but I couldnt help myself..
  14. I have a boot on my head, your argument is invalid.

  15. My apologies for my recent polls. I vow to never include myself in a poll again in any way shape or form unless it involves help with a decision or is story based. More more selfish self-praise.

  16. Another good unbox of mine was a well-worn Sand Cannon
  17. Still trying to find a new name...I need help finding a girly name before the end of my series-within-a-series raffling :3

    1. Prunn


      美しいキティ (Beautiful Kitty)
    2. Prunn


      Or the pronunciation, 

      Utsukushī Kiti
  18. I've been convinced to stay. Huzzah.....still feeling like a bag of [Cuss-word REDACTED].

    1. Knight


      Welcome back, I dunno exactly who you are but everyone seems to have missed you! 

    2. The Lost King

      The Lost King

      i hope youve been reading those raffles in your honor. some of them aren't your generic "we love you dont go" messages but auctually have some interesting points

  19. Not a general, just a supplies manager. No need to pay respects either, since I am staying.
  20. Funny how a topic about posting last is more popular than a topic about what things you wasted your keys to unbox.
  21. Stawp stealing my prize guys Everyone know's that the fabulous person goes last. Right? Right? No? Okay..I'll take my leave.
  22. Last day of Excel for this week. Can't wait to get it over with. Don't wanna go, embarresed and angry with people who now dislike me for being socially awkward >.<

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