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  1. In case you didn't know, Valve is currently working on a major summer update for Team Fortress 2. The update will definitely include a competitive mode, as Jill, a member of the TF2 development team announced the final Stress Test, which ended a few days ago. So it looks like Competitive is almost ready for release. We can anticipate 4 new taunts as well, as the TF2 taunt playlist was updated with 4 new taunts. We can also expect MAJOR balance changes as well, in order to accommodate for the new matchmaking mode. It's also likely that we'll see new skins, and new contracts.
  2. My reaction: Download it here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps/steam/9nblggh4x7gm
  3. It's happening again https://scrap.tf/raffles/FW942B
  4. Flash raffles start, and then immediately end. It says they started 2 hours ago, despite the fact that they're only 30 minutes long. Here's the raffle link (https://scrap.tf/raffles/OP245G) as well as screenshots. I have seen this happen a couple of times before. I've also noticed they aren't occurring as frequently. Is that a bug or is it intentional?
  5. I agree. I'm not accepting or the buff, I attempted to explain it. I think it needs to be nerfed as well. And it will be. Even Uncle Dane agrees:
  6. This is probably one of the most talked about changes to a weapon in TF2. It seems like a dumb idea to most people, but here's what I think. Competitive matchmaking is the next step of evolution for TF2. There are multiple game files that have been added since the last update, and they all point to competitive. A competitive mode would make Team Fortress a viable alternative for those who aren't interested in CS:GO, or gave it up. I think that Valve has a list in their backend of all weapons and how many people use them. From Valve's point of view, weapons that get used
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      Ocean Drive is a cool song to

      In fact, Turbulence was a good album

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      Totally agree! Miami Nights 1984 is one of my favorite artists :wub:

  7. Wouldn't that be theft? If you didn't send a gift, there's nothing to take. And besides, the user who didn't send a gift would need to confirm a trade, it can't automatically be taken away.
  8. Whenever I try to enter the Flash Raffle, I get this error: "This raffle is for members of this Steam Group only." I am a member of the Steam group.
  9. I wanted to incinerate some crates, but the bot is returning a 500 server error.
  10. This is the wrong place to post. If you are experiencing an issue, post here and not on the forums: https://github.com/Jessecar96/SteamDesktopAuthenticator/issues
  11. First, this post is in the wrong section. It should be under the Secret Santa/Holiday Event megathread. Please be more careful before posting.\ Second, it may take a little time before items start appearing. It does that in order to confirm the items. Just wait a little longer and they'll appear.
  12. http://steamcommunity.com/id/ServerError404/inventory/#440_2_4426788586 :3
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