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  1. I would love to have a x10 server. Would probably also increase the amount of Quickiebomb launchers scrap.tf sells
  2. Banned for being dumb and slow
  3. Banned for soon reaching 333 posts.
  4. Banned for having an unevn amount of posts
  5. Banned for supporting
  6. Banned for suddenly turning into a pink elephant or something.
  7. Banned for making more than 111 posts.
  8. Banned for wanting to eliminate Sweetiebot.
  9. Banned for having upwards down e.
  10. Banned for [deleted]
  11. Banned for having no idea what they were talking about.
  12. brUh

    what a fat

    1. Luki


      He got thick bones

    2. Guest


      the roast

    3. lesse


      i touch fat i mean facts

  13. Banned for not eating cookies :<
  14. Banned for being Vintage but not blue.
  15. Banned for being Lego characters
  16. Banned for not being an animal
  17. i'm sick :'(

    1. Jenny🖤~


      Hi sick, i'm sick too.

    2. PhantomProgrammer


      Tell the virus to go away, hopefully it's a polite one and listens.

    3. Jamie


      hi sick, im also sick :D

  18. Everyone has the same winning chances etc. What you're seeing are just coincidences.
  19. Banned for being bad at the game
  20. Banned for doing the exact same thing.
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