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  1. Well, if you can't take the time (4~5 minutes max for each puzzle usually.) to actually TRY, I'm afraid there's no way to boost your raffle win rate. And no, the raffles aren't difficult as fuck, it's just that people are too lazy to go solve a crossword puzzle or something.
  2. Try one of the older series. Those are pretty easy to solve and straight to the point. Try Beru's series, (Patche, Yuyuko, whatever their name is right now.) Touhou Raffles. Simple, fun, and decent prizes. Try Ronald's series if you want your brain to be fucked. Try Red's series if you want to become a puzzler yourself. Try mine if... No, don't try mine. (If you want to, Touhou Raffu #47 still has a day left. Only 5 people have joined, so you have a great 16.6 percent chance if you join now!)
  3. Join puzzle raffles. Up to a 100 times of a higher chance at winning, and the scrap.tf puzzling community, although small, is a tightly knit family that loves to give out free items.
  4. Spellbound, Darkblaze, Cloudy Moon, Harvest Moon, Amaranthine. I like Halloween effects. (Especially Purple/Indigo ones.)
  5. Dear lord, reading this makes me feel kinda nostalgic. I'm nearing my second scrap.tf anniversary, and I remember when raffles came out, how auctions came out and died (I'm still waiting devs!), so many new types of banking, and of course, just trading here. I'll probably leave TF2 someday in the future, but until then, scrap.tf will always be in my bookmarks.
  6. Granted, but its a jar of jars with a jar file that uninstalls jars of jars about jars of jars and also java. I wish for a proper up to date price check on a Time Warp Scotch Bonnet.
  7. Granted, but its an extremely nice boat, and you must burn Buddhist temples while owning it. I wish that my previous and current statements were not offensive to any religious or atheist animals, human beings, plants, alien life forms, and non-living objects.
  8. Granted, but you notice nobody anymore. I wish for something to raffle. I've literally been to broke to make a single Touhou Raffu in the last month or so.
  9. Granted, but they're all in Korean. I wish for... A fandub for Sealed Esoteric History. I mean, come on! I still haven't watched it yet, and its been almost a month since it came out!
  10. Granted, but its actually a clone named "Pickaxe Knight". Also, it is now the only game you own. I wish for a strange Quickiebomb Launcher and a strange Iron Bomber. Why is my quote format all messed up?
  11. Wish granted. Unfortunately, it dies of asthma two days later. I wish for a pet Yatagarasu.
  12. Love is an opened Koishi. Also a baby just hurt you. More. I wish for Jigglypuff to turn into Patche. Forever.
  13. Granted, but your wii breaks, and you don't have enough money to buy a new one. And then your CD breaks too. I wish for Patche to make a Touhou raffu. Or Jigglypuff.
  14. Granted, but your fps drops along with your ping. Now you have 5 ping and 5 fps. I want Gensou Hardsound 009 to be released.
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