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  1. Can I ask you something?
  2. There goes trading for the next 5 days. This oughta happen one day anyway to stop the email junks

  3. you got it today I wish to trademark the creation of puns
  4. Granted, here's a cake. You can roll the cake. But the cake is a lie. You cannot roll a lie. Maybe you can but just ROLL with it. I wish for more puns
  5. Granted! I wish to have loadsasphagetti
  6. banned for liking a banning thread
  7. Banned for being a flower. You're supposed to be a duck
  8. Wish granted. One poor jigglypuff somewhere in the world of pokemon inside a pokeball of an unactive trainer turned into Patchouli. I wish to have catchouli pet
  9. it's 3.30 in the morning. test in 11 hours. i dont wanna sleep. why am i opening forum. send help.

  10. Congrats! You got a Mêlée album music in HD! .... THIS Melee, right? I wish for a wish that can wish its own wish
  11. Banned for- ....wait..... .....you're actually.... ..... I dont even have to speak.
  12. Banned for forgetting the existence of guys in the internet. It's not just girls and space hamsters yknow.
  13. Wish granted. Valve made an update that breaks the whole game instead! I wish for a scrap.tf community meetup irl. I need friends ;~;
  14. Wish granted, but you're banned from this forum. Wait this isnt the "You're banned" thread? oh. well whatever, you're banned. I wish I'm not gonna fall asleep in the bus and missed a few stops later because I stayed up till the morning..... .....this one's actually kinda real tho
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