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  1. Discord Tag: Pootis Bird#6676 Chrome dev tools? No Experience? Yes, beta tester for Backpack.tf app
  2. I jumped on scrap today to check my auctions. When I got on, I noticed the logo was off center. I brought down the menu to select "My Auctions" and saw nothing but white where the links should be. I tried to go to live support, and all I get is "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED". Pls fix
  3. Curse is a sort of chat service app directed twords gamers and it allows for groups to chat together. For the players who play in full-screen, its nearly impossible to use the Cuddlebox. I was curious if we could have a official group on Curse so that players could just hop on there phones and chat. Cuddlebox does work on the phone but its cumbersome and all the buttons are miniscule.
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