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  1. Sorta, issue with that is you can't share it with others & it shows all auctions instead of currently running auctions along with lacking any form of organisational features
  2. This could cause an auction to become endless so i doubt it'd be implemented
  3. This would function similarly or alternatively alongside the my store page found on marketplace.tf showing users the currently running auctions you have active alongside basic sorting abilities such as; current bid price, marketplace.tf value & backpack.tf value This is more of a traders thing for those outside of scrap.tf who want to draw more attention to their auctions allowing them to instead of individually sending a user their current auctions they could instead redirect them to that page. Doesn't have to be as complex as i listed would just be a nice feature in general. Thanks~
  4. Add the option to comment on your own profile when it's locked considering you can't have photo's in the bios it'd be nice maybe it's just me but i think it'd be cool.
  5. 1. The ability to favourite auctions if you wish to bid on them at a later date or further into the auction 2. The ability to enable countdown notifications for auctions so you can be notified by the site when an auction enters let's say the last day of a four day auction. Along with that the ability to enable notifications for your own auction so you know when it's getting close to ending without having to sit and watch it.
  6. The bar is shown on users profile still features the tf2outpost.com link even though the site is no longer up and just sends the user to a dead link.
  7. Add the ability to see the prices of overstocked items so you can see what you could sell it for when the bot has more space. (mainly on the unusual bot)
  8. Discord Tag: Nep-Bot#7754 Chrome dev tools? Yes Experience? I got a uk grade B in ICT and am currently on a games technology course which bug testing and reporting is a large part of due to assignments requiring testing before submission. I have also had prior work experience as a technical manager at a charity company in Nottingham called mojatu http://mojatufoundation.org/ where i worked for 2 weeks as work experience. Alongside this i have experience fixing computers working freelance alongside my college course on a technical and software level.
  9. Yep, i meant auction and can a mod please close this as i can now see the flaws with this idea. Sorry for the hassle. <3
  10. ^^ Another thing this would help with is when people bid and decide not to pay rather than having to wait the entire time to get your items back you could just reject the bid having it go back to the previous one.
  11. Potentially adding the option to reject a bid after the raffle ends so it goes back to the previous bid as this would help a hell of a lot with troll bids and people who spam bid so you can reject it between the time where it ends and they win. Not sure if this can be implemented or not but it'd be a nice thing to see added. Thanks for reading.
  12. I get a feeling something like this would screw over rare items or outdated items such as low crafts lets say you have a craft #5 killer exclusive so you are looking for a high amount of keys for it would that be marked as unfair because a bot sells a normal killer exclusive it's things like this which would mess this idea up. Also, you can just use common sense to know not to bid on unfair auctions so it seems kinda harsh and pointless
  13. You have been sent a trade offer, this is not like a normal trade request. Click 'Go to trade offer' to accept it. If need be, confirm the trade in the e-mail Steam will send you. right here when you get a offer it says to confirm it in your emails however, steam no longer uses emails for confirmations surprised no one else has noticed this but it might be a good idea to fix it as confirm the trade in the steam authentication app. Thanks
  14. Anychance we can auction off cs go items for tf2 items. I know that bidding cs go items wouldn't really be possible due to the sporadic price changes on the community market. However being able to possibly use cs go keys to bid in auctions and being able to auction cs go items for tf2 items/cs go keys could be pretty cool. However i do understand restrictions would have to be put into place beforehand so that you don't get 600 p250 | sanddune (field-tested) auctions and stuff like that so possibly having a restriction where the item must be valued at a set value on the scm to be usable in auctions could work well. Thanks for reading
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