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  1. got a 24 hour cool down for 2 many raffles created apparently 8 is the max kinda puts a stop to my series i will continue it but that kinda stucks.
  2. also this should be in help and support not general discussions mate just a heads up
  3. If you did deposit your gift a: you are lying b: you did not click send after depositing it c: (highly unlikely) mistake made by scrap.tf
  4. (currently 3 exist with the effect https://backpack.tf/stats/Unusual/Neckwear Headwear/Tradable/Craftable/110 however no listing means that it is hard to price also i can't tell if they are strange or not)
  5. hm it is a high tier hat however the actual effect isn't that liked however it is quite a nice combo stars at Christmas being a strange as well will also add a large amount of price judging by backpack.tf prices i would say somewhere around the 220 key mark being strange which is just under haunted ghosts being a gen 1 and above morning glory. Well that is just my guess at it https://backpack.tf/unusual/Neckwear Headwear
  6. shhh don't question it (i think its a small percentage off what backpack says)
  7. people trying to charge 1 scrap per weapon on trade server when i was new to the game looked up a place to buy weapons and found scrap.tf now i tell others about scrap mainly on trade servers so they don't over pay xD
  8. hope this helps you decided to add some more stuff to the loadout to make it look cool ( Minnesota, tyurtlenek, prof ks flower power shotgun, el duderino, earbuds, breakneck baggies)
  9. sounds cool hm person who is about to post below me i will give you cookie if you don't post
  10. Use it to paint a hat if life gives you a box
  11. wish granted but you drown in cheese i wish for nep nep
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